3 Minutes Flat…




…is how long it took for me to get dressed, head to toe.  Does it look like it?  LOL   I don’t LOVE this outfit, but this just goes to show that some outfits are a hit and others are a miss.

I have a question for you.  What one item that I’m wearing would you ditch?  What one item would you add to “fix” this outfit?  I’m all ears!


15 thoughts on “3 Minutes Flat…

  1. I would never be able to get dressed in 3 minutes, so you did good.
    I would ditch the hat, tuck in the shirt and turn the scarf into an infinity scarf.

    Love the blog btw

  2. I would wrap the scarf french style, perhaps ditch or hide the white sleeve underneath….too hiphopish for me. But I love the cardigan, jeans, hat and and boots.

  3. 3 minutes… Even when I’m running late I don’t think I’ve EVER pulled off getting dressed that quickly without looking a mess. Lol You look great as always. I miss having long hair because I love wearing hats. Just doesn’t look so good on me with short hair. 🙂 Love the color of the sweater.

  4. I love the scarf individually for so many purposes (as well as a headwrap!) but I think I’d ditch it for this look. THis is my 1st time commenting and I love your blog! There is no pretense, just a honest, humble, beautiful Godly woman making the best of it! Keep up what you are doing!

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