I Caved


hat: 99 store (LOL) | scarf: Target | tees: random | leggings: Active Basics | boots: Charles David | jacket: DKNY







You may have noticed that I have a “…shop” tab at the top of my blog or maybe you haven’t since it doesn’t get much use.  Well, after much thought and much more prodding from some of you funny gals, I caved and decided I would add an item or two to my SHOP page.  I may have a little separation anxiety and I may request pictures from time to time but with time it’ll get better.  LOL

Some of the items, I’ve never worn and may still have tags.  We’ll see what makes the cut and over the next few weeks you’ll begin to see some items posted there.

If there’s anything you’ve had your eye on, just send me an email and we’ll talk.

Stay tuned, Friends!


8 thoughts on “I Caved

  1. Oh so many things…where do I start?? LOL! I will definitely e-mail you. What size are you, btw? I like a lot of your jackets and shoes…oh and that green skirt! Yes, you will have separation anxiety if you decide to sell some of the things I have been eyeing since forever 😉

    1. My size depends on the time of the season. I’m slimmer in the summer and I guess my body goes into hibernation mode in the winter and stores food. In Seven jeans I’m a 28 and I always opt for long inseams, so that will give you an idea of my bottom. The tops I wear are usually small or medium. My shoe size is 7.5 or 8.

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