jacket: DKNY | top: random | belt: old (T) | skirt: traded with friend worn as skirt |bag: Louis Vuitton Speedy30 | sunnies; 99 store LOL | boots: Steve Madden|ring: Target

I wish I could say that was my excuse for looking so pleasantly plump. But, it’s not . No, I’m not pregnant. Yes, I need to lose some lbs.

When I walked down the stairs today, the Hubs gave me the side-eye and jokingly asked, “You’re wearing that?” I said, “Uh-huh, yup!” He declined to comment further. I didn’t think it looked so bad. What do you think? I love the splash of colors against the navy stripes. We’ll see what the verdict is by your comments.

You may have noticed that I put an item up on my shop. Well, if you haven’t, let’s pretend you did. Hop on over and take a look. I was hesitant to add this item because I felt like I would end up regretting it, but the reason I’m giving them up is because my ankles are too small for them and the one time I wore them I was constantly catching myself from falling. It’ll be fun to see how fast they go. Several of you emailed me the day that I posted my outfit, asking where I got them. Now, you can have them for yourself.

More items to come.


9 thoughts on “Preggers

  1. I HATE when Rashan does that!!! Except he stares quizzically at my outfit, then I say what & his eyes get big and he says innocently, “Nothing!” This goes back and forth 5xs until I scowl and say I’m wearing it anyway. He says, “I didn’t say anything!” “Your face said it all!” LOLOLOL There’s nothing wrong with your outfit! I wanted to get those shoes just to say I got them and no one else did. That’s a bad reason! LOL. I can’t see myself wearing them even though I’m certainly intrigued! Post something else!

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