Don’t Bite Your Friends


jacket: random | tee: hanes | pants: JC Penny's | shoes: speed limit 98 | ring: Target





It’s funny the many ways we complicate our lives.  From our jobs to our relationships, I think sometimes we just put “extras” on stuff that really isn’t that big of a deal.  I sat down with Jaxon the other night and watched an episode of  Yo Gabba Gabba…if you don’t know you better ask somebody! LOL So, the theme of the show was to be nice to your friends and playing nice.  Making it more literal the theme song was, “Don’t Bite Your Friends” (WARNING: When clicking on the link, don’t be alarmed by the crazy black guy in the orange spandex unitard!)  Anyhow, just thinking about the simplicity of that one simple rule we learned as a kid, to be nice, got me thinking about something else I saw on TV.  You know those “pay it forward” Liberty Mutual commercials where one person sees something kind that another person has done and in turn is kind to someone else?  How nice of a world would we live in if we all did just that, be kind.  Lord knows it’s a struggle at times, but the good thing about that struggle is there is always a good feeling in return, wouldn’t you agree?  The word for today is SIMPLICITY and what’s one way to get there…by being kind.


10 thoughts on “Don’t Bite Your Friends

  1. loving the pants, very gutsy of you and it comes out great. About kindness, its so underrated that we need more of it. In my faith, there is a saying: God has no mercy on those who has no mercy on his creation from animals to humans. Kindness is a godly virtue that every living being exist on earth because of it. I read studies that show kindness breeds more kindness and can change someone’s life.

  2. Very cute look! Love those pants. Alot of people sleep on JC Penney cause they think its for old folks, but they have really stepped their game up!!! Arent those shoes just great??? I dont have that exact brand, but I have the Steve Madden version. They just add something extra to an outfit.

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