He’s Hot, She’s Cold!


jacket: DNKY (T) | tee: random | cargos: alloy.com | bag: liz claiborne | shoes: random store by my job



It’s a never-ending cycle.  I’m always cold and Hubs is always hot.  Whether it’s in the car, at church, in the bed…everywhere.  I need a blanket and a parka practically at all times.  If I could live in a Snuggie, trust me I would.  I have been plotting to bring an electric blanket to work, but I’m so afraid to blow out any circuits.  I’m a rule follower and I don’t like to be reprimanded.  I guess you could call me “scary”.  I wish someone would invent a body temp regulator that would function kind of like an I.V. only without the whole injecting a 5-inch needle into your arm deal. Wait, on second thought, maybe if I were half Genie I could just rub my lamp and be instantly warm.   Wait, can Genie’s grant their own wishes?  I’ll have to Google that.  Alas, maybe I should just chalk it up as an excuse to buy some really cute winter wear.

Oh well, the struggle continues.  Tell me I’m not the only one out there on the losing end of this battle with the Hubs.   🙂





22 thoughts on “He’s Hot, She’s Cold!

  1. This comment is way, way late (I just found your blog 😦 ), but I wanted to say that I totally have an electric blanket at work. I have some autoimmune challenges and it’s absolutely essential that my body stays warm. I know some people at work think I’m nuts, but ah well. I drape it over my hair and sit on it. I say, ‘go for it!’

  2. I am with you on the cold. It is always a battle between me and my brother. He is never cold! It could be winter and he wouldnt even shiver! But me on the other hand, right now I am sitting on the couch wearing two sweaters, some jeans, boots and I am still cold!

  3. I love your shoes. Please tell me where I can find them?

    I am always cold at work too, so I have brought a heater to work and I keep it on year round. Especially in the summer when the air condition is blasting.

  4. Get yourself a heated throw — less than 100 watts (same as one light bulb). It’s not going to blow any circuits and you’ll be warm. Heated throws (also called lap blankets) are made by all the major electric blanket manufacturers. Check out our Consumer Guide on our website.

  5. Hey, I just ran into you over at kisforkinky….lol! Love those leggings from the other site and you make me want to go buy a pair. Anyway, back on topic…I am ALWAYS cold! ALWAYS. I have a fleece or sweater at work (and a space heater), a hoodie in my car, and I have to be bundled up in my house. I affectionately call my hubby “my heater” because he is ALWAYS hot. Great combo, I guess, huh? Idk, it makes for better snuggling during sleep!

    1. TOTALLY!!!!!!!!!! I’m a snuggly sleeper so it helps that he’s so hot. Funny enough, the covers alwasy end up everywhere but on top of me which adds to the cold factor and the freezing-in-the-middle-of-the-middle-of-the-night-just-short-of-hypothermia spell that I wake up with. LOL Don’t you LOVE the leggings. KILLER!

  6. I am the same way, I’m always cold, its a battle to set the thermostat in the house. My husband crank up the A.C and and I turn it down. I wrap up in warm blanket and warm socks. At work I keep a foot warmer/massager, portable heater that my MIL gave me last Christmas (Shes the same way). She’s always buying warm gadgets for herself, so she often get me one too lol. its so funny at Christmas when the whole family get together, my mom, my MIL, my oldest daughter, and I we all wrap up while my husband and his dad and my youngest daughter are sweating and fanning.
    this Im cold/he’s hot phenomenon is beyond me lol

    1. LOVE MIL! You should see me, I’ve always got some ratty blanket or sweater or coat on. Whatever I can find. I dont remeber ever NOT being cold at home. I sneak and turn the heat on from time to time. Hubs catches me and I laugh. You’re right. It truly is a phenomenon. Someone needs to do some research!

      1. 8.5 and you I’m the same way with the heat. I live with the Fireplace on at home, I have blankets that I got from TJ (lol) planted all over the house, and currently in my office the space heater is on full blast. HOWEVER, I’m 98% of the time rocking some open toe shoes or sandals. LOL Go figure!

  7. Love the shoes! I’m the same way. I’m wearing a Snuggie right now and the rest of the fam is in bed probably kicking the covers off lol

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