Just WOW!

jacket: Kasper A.S.L. (T) | scarf: Merona | shirt: BULL |belt: old | bag: She&Josh | jeans: 7 for all mankind | shoes: Carlos Santana





I often wonder if those who view my blog actually try any of the DIY projects that I share.  On those occasions that I get an email from a girl sharing her rendition of a certain project, I get butterflies in my stomache because it’s such a cool feeling to know that someone actually benefited my sharing.  Recently, I heard from someone who tried one of the DIY dresses that I shared some time ago.  I’m not 100% sure which one she tried but it must have been this one or this one.  Here’s an excerpt from her email.  This is why I get butterflies:


I had to tell you.  I made that t-shirt dress and wore it to work yesterday.  EVERYONE loved it!  My husband complemented me more than once.  It was vey pretty.  I made it out of Grey Haynes t-shirts.  I had to take the front pocket off but that was easy to do.  Then I put on some black tights and work calf high boots.  I also belted it and wore a blazer over, with a cami with lace under it.  I would have taken a pic, but you know how much I hate taking pictures.  Maybe next time.

Thanks!!  I’m going to make others.  This time with long sleeves and wear a men’s vest with it.  Cheap addition to my funky style of dress.  Just WOW!!!!

Pretty cool, right?


7 thoughts on “Just WOW!

  1. Lol, I feel a little stupid, as I reread this post I realized it wasn’t you. That I already saw the dresses.. Don’t laugh this is what happen when you speed read, and my 4 yr old was talking to me at the same time….great DIY by the way.

  2. Okay, I have to jump in here….I waaaaant to see that dress….period….end of story. You can say OMG then tell us about the dress and then nothing……I like pictures even though I totally agree I hate taking pictures. *begging with puppy eyes* pleeeeeeeaaaase let us see the dress……LOL

  3. Hi! I love this look!
    I have been your reader for months now, but it my first time a comment (tacky I know) as a blogger myself I know better but it won’t happen again.

    I just bought those anne michelle shoes you show off a few weeks ago AMAZING!

    just stopping by to let you know you have a new fan! 🙂

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