I Love Me Some Him


sweater: Feraza (T) | top: sample | jeans: sample | shoes: Joey | sunnies: random guy in San Fran | bag: unknown (T)




Today is my little guy’s birthday.  He’s turning three.  It’s funny because he’s been looking forward to this day all month.  He’s been dropping subtle hints about a birthday party, birthday cakes, balloons…he even uninvited me to his birthday party when I told him to go to bed the other night.  So, the day is finally here and although we didn’t a big party and the whole nine, granny (my mom) and I went to Jaxon’s class with goodie bags, a zillion cupcakes and a gigantic singing Elmo balloon.  Jaxon’s teacher said the class was talking about Jaxon’s birthday.  Jaxon must have made some sort of announcement because when we came in the kids were practically sitting at the table with spoon in hand.  Adorable!  I wasn’t quite sure how to respond when it was time to blow out the candle and Jaxon’s buddy blew it out for him.  What are you gonna do.  Later on we went to Pat & Oscar’s for a little birthday celebration part II with the family…and more cake.  What did Jaxon get for his birthday?  A big boy bicycle with training wheels and a helmet.  Well, folks, my boy is growing up.  Excuse me while I weep in the corner.



12 thoughts on “I Love Me Some Him

  1. Awww, Happy Birthday to Jaxson! That is too funny about his buddy blowing out the candle! Nothing else like kids at a birthday party. Next thing you know…he’ll be a teenager. Le sigh…Happy Birthday anyway and love it while he’s young!

  2. Happy Birthday to the little Guy! Just wait until he becomes a tween. I cried for a month when my son turned 11. I actually still get sad :0( Cute shoes : )

      1. It really is bitter sweet watching them become the little people we teach, hope, pray and model for them. I don’t want my baby boy back but I do want to hold on to him in some ways forever. I’ll keep you posted on my many moments. Like Friday I chaperoned a school dance the 11 yo attended and he wouldn’t let me take a pic of him. I always walk with my camera, taking pics of him. I took pics of him every day for 2 weeks at the beginning of his middle school career. I need a life huh? (:

  3. Awwww! I remember those days. Now I have to plan a “teen” party for my son’s next birthday. Enjoy the Elmo and class birthday parties, while you can. I love the outfit, too. You are a fashion inspiration!

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