Lucky Strike


vest: Old Navy | thermal: Target | bag: She & Josh | jeans: Ernest Sewn | booties:




For the past 6 or so weeks, the hubs and I have been participating in a couples bible study that a friend of his organized.  His friend, Akbar, is actually a guy we went to college with and was a groomsman in our wedding.  It’s a small bible study (which I actually prefer…I think I’m a closet introvert) taught by Rick Warren.  The six session video-based bible study is titled, “Life Management 101”.  There was so much valuable information that I walked away with not only from the lesson itself but from the other study member as well.    I was also thankful to have had the opportunity to meet  Akbar’s wife Chrystal and Mika who is the wife of Akbar’s other friend.  I feel like we’ve laid the foundation for a great friendship.  As sort of a bible study finale, we decided to go bowling at Lucky Strike.  We didn’t play couple against couple, we just played.  I think I bowled a 80 something.  Don’t laugh.


11 thoughts on “Lucky Strike

  1. Ha!!! Thought this look was so cute. Going to Lucky Strike next weekend for my 5th date, yes I am still counting…it’s new and I am excited and I am going to wear something similar :))

  2. please feel free to share any of the valuable information. I always learn so much from your insight/ words of wisdom/what God leads you to share ( i didn’t know what to call it lol) and always feel like you’re talking to me.

    1. It’s so funny because I like to meet new people but I’m not much of a small talker and I hate schmoozing. In a large unfamiliar group I tend to keep to myself. Even funnier I’m really weird about face to face compliments. They literally make me sweat! Lol

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