FASHION du jour daily TV


vest: sample | tee: old | jeans: Seven for all Mankind | bag: Coach | shoes: | belt: gift from friend






I came up with an idea for my YouTube channel where I’ll be reviewing some of the latest fashion magazines on the news stands and letting viewers know whether or not they should plop down some cold hard cash and buy their own or if they’re better off passing.  Hopefully, this will not only save you guys a few bucks but also encourage more eco-smart purchasing habits.  How is this eco-smart, might you ask?  Well, often times when I’ve gone through magazines and ripped pages out and circled this and that, I hardly ever refer back to those discarded magazines and I eventually end up throwing them away.   Not eco-friendly.  If you’re anything like me, you do the same thing.  The idea is that by sharing with you my take on whether or not to purchase the magazine, you’ll end up with fewer magazines to throw out and you’ll have more money in your pocket.  You’d be surprised by how quickly $4 adds up.  You see where it got Starbucks.

Here’s where you come in.  I’m trying to come up with a clever name for this vlog segment and I’m having brain lock.  Do you have any creative suggestions?


14 thoughts on “FASHION du jour daily TV

  1. No clever suggestions for names but I applaud the idea. I usually read magazines at the library. It saves me money & is definitely eco-friendly. Those mags I subscribe to are given to friends, taken to the teacher’s break room or recycled (I know adding to the piles…SORRY!) but I’m doing my part =)

  2. Very great idea with the magazine idea. I will definitely use that. LOVE the red belt. I really LOVE the red belt!!!!

  3. Uhh, you make me want to leave the sunny isles of Seychelles to go back to France just so I can wear fabulous winter clothes. I LOVE YOUR OUTFIT!!!!!! Gotta find a summer-friendly version to this outfit.

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