sunnies: unknown (T) | scarf: old | tee: Target |necklace: found | jacket: sample | jeans: Imperial Star (T) | clutch: unknown (T) | boots: Arden B (T)



This morning was kind of a bummer.  I woke up earlier than usual (by 15 minutes…that totally still counts) and was able to spend a little extra time getting the kids together instead of the Monday mad dash to the car.  I also made it to work a little early and had time to clean off my desk.  Pardon me while I digress, I don’t know about you but I CANNOT work in mess.  If my desk is messy, I can’t focus and I’m scatter-brained all day.  A couple of co-workers jokingly asked me if I was leaving because my desk was so clean.  LOL  Where was I, oh yes, so I cleaned off my desk and began digging through my inbox.  The phone rang and it was the hubs.  He was on the way to school with the kids and he got a flat.  BUMMER!  Fortunately, he wasn’t too far away.  Mommy to the rescue, I hoped in the truck and rushed over to pick up the kids and bring them to school, while Jon popped on the spare and headed to the tire shop.  He found some crazy tire shop that was selling new tires for like 50% off.  A few hundred dollars later, we have four new tires on the car, which were very much needed.  He also took the car to the wash and got it spruced up.  Did I mention that he just so happened to be driving my car this morning?  That means I get to go to work tomorrow in a clean car with four spanking new tires.  Yay!  I guess that wasn’t so much of a bummer after all and thank God the flat didn’t cause an accident.


11 thoughts on “Bummer

  1. You are looking like a skinny minnie maam (in a good way), do you run at all? You look very lean which is the look I’d like. Any tips? (I’m gonna cry if you say it’s your metabolism but if so, kudos!)

    1. You’re hilarious! I did P90x for a while and I was eating properly. In all honesty I don’t eat right or exercise regularly. I can say that I have learned how to conceal my “situations” with what I wear.

  2. I’m glad everything worked out for you. I love the clutch and the sunglasses!! And, if you don’t mind, can you please share the color or brand of your lipstick/lipgloss? That is, if you are wearing any color on your lips. It looks very pretty and like a go-to daytime lip color. I’ve been on a hunt for something like that shade.

  3. Umm…can I get the contact info for that tire place. I have been dreading the tire change but at 50% off……it wont hurt my feelings too bad. LOL. Cute outfit too! 🙂

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