Cutting Ribbon

cardigan: old men's (T) | tee: Target | belt: hub's | jeans: Ernest Sewn (T) | boots: Steve Madden | watch: Target | necklace: unknown (T)






I was kinda embarrassed to admit this.  I mean it’s not a big deal or anything earth shattering but I had an epiphany the other day while I was cutting ribbon at work…yes, cutting ribbon.  My epiphany revealed that I actually enjoy mindless work from time to time.  My job is pretty demanding when it comes to brain power.  Granted it’s not rocket science, but I does require a good deal of that ol’ left brain.  I guess I just came to the realization that a little space out action every now and then is healthy.   As I was cutting away, my mind jumped from one random thought to another, and to tell you the truth, I don’t remember any of them.  Wonderful, isn’t it?  LOL  I was only cutting ribbon for an hour but it was such a much deserved rest for my noggin.  Talk about delighting in the simple things.

In other news, I posted a video on my YouTube Channel featuring today’s outfit so don’t forget to check it out.  In the video I also share with my viewers a recent clothing haul, much of which was thrifted.  I mention this because while I was at the thrift store, I remember thinking to myself, if money were no option, I would love to work in a thrift store.  Is it strange that when I went to JoAnne’s craft store immediately after, I felt the same way?  I wanted to work there too.  LOL  I LOVE craft stores and clearly I love thrifting.  Maybe I should open a thrift/craft store.  On second thought I’d never be able to come up with a name for the store, so scratch that idea.  LOL

If money were no option, what would you do with your life?  Where would you work?


14 thoughts on “Cutting Ribbon

  1. That background is so awsome…It almost looks unreal: love the outfit 2…the orange color pad are among my fav colors to wear..

  2. That sweater is cute! If I didn’t have to think about money, I would give free legal services and volunteer more or even start my own non-profit and provide affordable housing.

  3. Being that I’m already a social worker my alternative dream
    job would be working at a make-up counter. I know not too exciting
    but I love make-up and wouldn’t mind applying it on random

  4. From home as a consultant for a school district in the high
    needs area with single moms…wait I already work in educatio
    & educatinal salary yields the same amount of money, lolol.
    Guess I’d leave the classroom but keep reaching minds from a
    different aspect. Oh the places we will go (in my Dr. Seuss’

    1. Reaching minds from the comfort of your bed. Sounds like a dream. I applaud you for working in a field that you’re passionate about. So many of us work a job just to pay the bills and never get any fulfillment from it. My job has been really rewarding. I work with all women. Coming from a family where I was the only girl between two boys, I never really knew how to build relationships with women (it’s something I still work on) but working with these women has helped me to develop that area in my life which I believe is so important for women.

  5. I feel ya on this one. I work my part time job for three
    reasons: extra money, store discount, and the opportunity to not
    have to sit in mtgs with parents, students, or administration. One
    of my favorite activities on my second job, is just going through
    the racks and making sure hangers are all faceing the same
    direction. Just straightening and clearing the racks. Mindless,
    tedious work that allows me to not think, and yet still think.
    *sigh* If money were no option, I would work there and do
    merchandising (putting clothes on the sales floor, pricing clothes,
    dressing mannequins, etc.).

  6. I hate working or maybe it’s the type of jobs I hv work.
    Open up a center helping single
    mothers&fathers,homeless,after school programs,low income
    ppl etc….

    1. You’re funny! I can’t recall a job that I actually hated. I was a telemarketer for like 10 days before I quit. Tired of getting hung up on. LOL! That’s another excellent idea. Being a blessing to someone else is always top of the list.

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