My Number One

jacket: unknown (swapped with a friend) | top: Saks Fifth Avenue (T) | jeans: Levi's (T) | shoes: Joey |watch: Target | ears: F21 | purse: unknown (T)







I recently found out that my hubby is my biggest blog fan.  Okay, okay so I kinda demanded that he follow and let me know what he thinks, but I’ve stopped soliciting feedback from him of late and I’ve found that he offers comments and suggestions without my having to grill him.  He’s so cute when he makes a comment.  A typical conversation goes something link this:

Him:  That picture with the dress on was cool.

Me: Which picture? The one where I’m standing like this (pose) or like this (pose) or the one where I’m kinda looking off into the distance but not really, but I kinda am?

Him: The one where you have the dress on.

Me:  Wait a dress?  That’s a skirt but I pulled it up to look like a dress.  I’m not sure if I like it I should have pulled it down and threw a cardigan on, you know my black one with the pinstripe, and wore those black boots that I love, not the suede ones because the rain messed them up but the ones with the wedge that I wore to church last Sunday.  I think I’ll have to remix it the next time I wear it or at least pull it down low enough to cover my legs so that I don’t have to wear stockings.  Stockings are so itchy.  They should invent itchless stockings.  Oh that reminds me, did you get milk?

(Random, I know but that’s how my brain works best.)

One thing I know for sure, that man o’ mine loves me.  Why else would he subject himself to such a torture.  All in the name of love.  In all seriousness, so many women gush about how wonderful their husbands are but really and truly I have THE greatest husband.  He does such an awesome job of putting up with me.  I’m pretty particular and the littlest of things tend to get under my skin (although I’ve gotten SO much better) but there’s nothing that bothers me about him.  He’s a man’s man, but he’s got this chivalrous side that is such a testament to the awesome upbringing he had.  He does so much at home to help me maintain my sanity; from cooking to cleaning to laundry to throwing out the trash and doing the dishes.  He can do it all and won’t think twice.  Most of all, the fact that he puts God first in his life lets me know that he will never do anything that is against God’s will, because nothing and no one is worth going to hell over.

Well, I’m off to sleep.  I’ve got a long day of household chores to tackle in the morning.


13 thoughts on “My Number One

  1. hahaha! I laughed OUT LOUD when I read this. You guys are so me and Fab. I was whining about wanting to buy a new blog theme but not feeling like paying $25 for it, so he offered to buy it for me and said “you’ve been working so hard lately, and you’ve got to have something to do for fun. Your blog makes you happy.” It makes me think of our earlier struggles with the blog. We’ve come a long way Lol! He totally particulates nowadays. Every once in a while, he’ll quote something from the blog and I’ll be like, wait.. you read that?

    1. LOL! We’re so much alike! Aww, that Fab is such a great guy! I can’t wait to see your finished product. I’m actually redoing my .com I’m going for a new look and I’m doing it all by myself. We’ll see how that goes.

  2. It’s so good to hear stories about happily married couples.
    Apparently I work with a bunch of miserable 40-something divorcees
    who think marriage is the worst thing ever! They constantly mention
    to me about how they’ll NEVER get married again (I’m engaged). This
    post was very refreshing. Ur Convo with ur hubs sounds like me and
    my fiancé. Lol. By the way, I love ur shoes. The weather where u r
    must be nice. I just looked outside and saw snow falling. I looked
    a few mins later & the sun was shining. Crazy!

    1. I’m sorry, that’s so discouraging! Sure it’s cliche but truly, marriage is what you make it. I won’t get into a long drawn out monologue, but when you think about it, anyone can just throw their hands up and walk away from a challenging situation, but someone who’s committed will stick it out. Clearly there are situations that warrant getting out as fast as you can if you’re putting yourself in harms way. But I think in most cases there’s just a lack of communication somewhere. I’m not just taking about verbal. Those unspoken gestures (rolling eyes, shaking your head, twisting your lips, etc.) communicate SO much more than our words do.

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