Fear: False.Evidence.Appearing.Real

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Hey Sweethearts!  As you may recall, I mentioned in my “NYE post” that I came to the realization that what I like to write about is the going-ons of my life, my family, my faith in hopes that something I share with you will resonate and impact your life for the better.  Okay, so I didn’t put it quite like that in my post, but that’s what I meant.  With all of my heart, I hope that my words or the bits and pieces of inspiration that I come across and pass on to you help to improve your life in one way or another.  I never want to be just another predictable fashion blog, so as I said you’ll see my focus shift a bit in more of a lifestyle direction, although you’ll still see my outfits.  This brings me to the focus of today’s post.  I got a comment (from someone who shall remain nameless) who shared some pretty personal things with me.  See for yourself:

She writes:

Wow where do I begin. I have followed your bog for a while now after seeing you on Fashionbomb Daily. I instantly was impressed with your role of wife and mother as well as preacher’s wife. As a person who LOVES fashion as well it is nice to see another mother with young children who still has the time to dress so darn cute. Although most days I don’t have the strength to dress the way I want I am trying to use you as my encouragement and inspiration.

Ok, now to the serious stuff that made me finally leave a reply. I have been struggling the last few days with some issues dealing with my 12 year old son. I am beginning to worry about him and although he is a happy child with friends and enjoys school I continue to worry. I have not eaten any real meals in two days. I have felt sick to my stomach. I read your post today about growing my relationship with God and I felt a sense of relief to let the worrying go. I love my son so much and I fear losing him to the negative influences of today. I know you are probably wondering exactly what I am referring to and I would love to email you more one on one. Basically the point is that I have to let this worry go. I too have a loving family and so much to be grateful for and do not want to waste time and energy on being depressed. I am so sorry this is so long but I just wanted to say Thank you for helping me to feel a bit better

My sentiments, exactly…where to begin.  First, let me just say thank you for taking the time to leave me a comment.  Comments mean a lot to me and for you to share these intimate details of your life with me, a complete stranger, speaks volumes.  You are totally welcome to email me, Sis.

It’s clear how much you love your son.  Your words overflowed with emotion.   As I read your comment, I felt my eyes welling up because the degree to which a mother loves her child is incomprehensible.  A part of me wants time to stop, so that I can keep these early childhood times with my little ones forever.  Soon enough the roles will be reversed and they’ll no longer want to spend every waking moment with mommy as they do now.  Gosh, I’m tearing up just thinking about it.

Here’s the thing, I’m not an expert on life by any means, I’m not even an expert on fashion by any means and I’m certainly not an expert on raising children.  What I can say is that, there comes a time when we as parents, especially mothers have to come to terms with the fact that our sons are growing and turning into men, who will one day have a son or two themselves.  For us to think about every potential danger that comes near our children every single day of their lives would drive us to the crazy house.  I think about the time that I was addicted to Nancy Grace’s show about missing and abused children and I literally had anxiety attacks because I let those fears set into my heart.  When I say I prayed, girl, I prayed!  I asked God to remove those fears from my heart and mind and impart wisdom and discernment.  I believe with all my heart and soul that my children are covered by His blood.  I made it a point not to allow fear to overtake me.  While I know that there will still be times (as with any growing child) that I will not be there to make decisions for my children and I know that they will not always make the best decisions.  They will “fall” (Proverbs 24:16) but my prayer is that the good values I am instilling in them will allow them to get back up again and make the right decisions.

Your son is still very young.  You have so much influence over him, whether you know it or not.  You are who he wakes up to and goes to sleep with every night.  Continue to pray over him and over yourself.  I thank God that you’ve released that negative energy and worry.  Something my Pastor always says is “Fear” is False Evidence Appearing Real. Because God never gave us the spirit of fear (2 Timothy 1:7).  You seem like a woman of faith and so it is my hope that my words fall on good ground.  I’ll be praying for you.

I know I have several readers who are also mothers who have probably gone through or are going through similar things situations in their lives.  So, to those of you who can impart some words of  wisdom, consider this your invitation.




10 thoughts on “Fear: False.Evidence.Appearing.Real

  1. This is a very uplifting post. I like the direction that
    you are taking your blog. You definitely inspire me. In your New
    Year’s post, you wrote: “If God’s forgiven you, who are you not to
    forgive yourself?” I felt like that message was for me because at
    the end of 2010, I was dwelling over some issues that I had already
    asked forgiveness for (years ago) and felt really bad for dwelling
    on it and for even creating a reason to beg for forgiveness in the
    first place. So, when I read that and you said you didn’t know who
    the message was for, I felt like it directly applied to me and my
    situation. Thank you for being willing to write about your faith
    and beliefs. It helps more than you might know. As for the
    commenter, I feel her pain. My children are only 6 and 3, but when
    the oldest went to Kindergarten, I had the same fears and anxiety
    attacks. I am glad that the commenter was able to let go of that

  2. Awesome encouraging words! Continue ro let God use you. You
    definitely inspire me with this blog as well. To the mother your in
    my prayers as well ….everything will be alright.

  3. Thanks for sharing! That was indeed an inspiring post – awesome response. As the mother of two sons (15 and 11), you tend to worry about all the negative things that are going on in the world and you don’t want your sons – your beautiful, well-loved, cared-for sons – to get swallowed up by the world. I agree that you have to pray the blood of Jesus over them for protection, strenght, courage, favor, and Godly wisdom! I pray with my sons every morning before they leave our home. I pray that I am strong in my living and in my faith. I pray that FEAR doesn’t consume me. I will pray for your commenter, too.

    1. I’m so glad to hear this post left an impression with so many of you. I’ve gotten emails and messages to my personal FB page about the impact it has made. Make no mistake, I take no credit. I was just led to write what was in my heart. There are so many of you mothers out there who have lived through raising children. Some of you with the help of a husband, some without. You all are untapped sources of a wealth of knowledge. Please share. As I said, I’m definitely no expert and I LOVE feedback and helpful hints. We’re all out here living this crazy thing called life! Let’s enjoy it.

  4. WOW! Great post! Please let that mother know (I have a 12 year old son too, so I am feeling her), that God is for her and her family. I infuse Luke 2:52 into my prayers for my children. I pray that my children, like Jesus, increase in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man. This verse addresses every component of man (human) growth and development.

    It is not easy raising children in the world today, with all of the negative and immoral influences that surround us, but God has equipped us with his word and the Holy Spirit, to deal with every trial.

    Thank you for sharing, girl. This was awesome and edifying!

    1. Thank you! The best thing we, as mothers can do for our children, is pray for them. I can’t say it enough. Every morning before we head our separate ways, I make it a point to pray over them and the teachers and students in their classes. It’s a great way to start the day.

  5. what an absolutely amazing post! Who wouldve thouught it would get this deep on a fashion blog. I too, felt the pain & love in that mothers words. There has been such a heavy spirit of depression ending 2010 & entering 2011. I am speaking against it & pray that you will too.
    You were truly ministering to that woman. God is using YOU for more than just a fashion blogger in 2011. I pray that you are willing to step up to the challenge & play whatever role it is God will have you to do.

    1. SERIOUSLY! Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. I pray that the Lord will continue to use me as well. You know, it’s funny how not too long ago, before I found God and got saved, I wouldn’t dare talk about religion or my beliefs because I was concerned with being politically correct, but through bible study (Mark 8:38)I began to understand that it’s silly to be ashamed, embarrassed or “politically correct” when it comes to sharing God. Here again, I’m no expert when it comes to Christianity, but I do know if something I say can help lead another to God, then I am fulfilling my seed planting responsibility.

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