The Return of the Black

sunnies: Ray Ban Wayfarers | Trench: sample | top: I heart Ronson (dress) | jeans: old | bag: Coach | shoes: | socks: hubby | ring: Target | earrings: POParazzi

We are finally getting our Christmas decorations up today.  That’s the plan at least.  We had our Christmas cards mailed the second week of November and then one thing led to another and we just got busy.  The funny thing is we’ve had our tree for a little while now, we’ve just been to busy to bring it in the house.  In other news, tonight my hubby is sponsoring a Christmas party for our church’s choir.  It should be fun.  I’ll make sure to take some outfit pics, although I still don’t know what I’m wearing yet.  Next week’s going to be pretty busy.  I have a project for work on Monday that will put me out of the office for the whole day.  Tuesday I’m attending a field trip with Jaxon’s class in the early part of the day so I’ll be heading into work late.  Wednesday and Thursday I’ll be playing catch up between work, gift shopping and wrapping, and WORK.  Friday I’m off.  I’ll actually be taking a personal day to be with my family.  Every year we spend the Friday before Christmas shopping and eating.  The kids will be at school so it should be very productive.  I’m really looking forward to it, as I do every year.  How am I doing guys?  Are you all done and already into New Year’s planning?


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