coat: Laundry by Shelli Segal | top: Victoria Secret | tie: converted a belt | belt: borrowed from a jumper | jeans: sample | shoes: | ring: Target | wrist wrap: borrowed from my Charles David riding boots

How do you like this preppy look?  You can find tons of othe preppy looks by checking out Pretty Shiny Sparkly. Enjoy!

And of course, don’t forget to enter the $50 Mimi Boutique shopping spree.  Click on the banner below.



21 thoughts on “FASHION bite

    1. LOL! Yeah. She walks in, you give this incredulous look, point at the shoes, and say, “No you didn’t! Girl, bye!” You can use it in other instances (someone says something foolish, you are trying to make a point, etc.).

      1. LOL! It’s just an expression I use a lot. In this case I am using it to express a feeling of awe or shock. The outfit was like, WOW! I’m from Detroit; you hear it a lot here.

  1. Very pretty and classic look. I love your style! And might I add…FIERCE body! Between your style and your physique…I’d just like you to know that you’re going on my 2011 vision board!

    Black is such a pretty color on you…love it every time! Keep doing whist you’re doing…truly an inspiration!

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