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For some reason, the word “humility” has been on my heart for some time now.  I know we all get a little warm and fuzzy around the holidays but this feeling of humility I’ve been feeling has been tugging at me since before the holidays began to roll around.  Ignoring the fact that I have a fashion blog with nothing but pictures of myself splattered all over the place (lol), I tend to think I’m a pretty humble person.  Although from the outside looking in, I could see how a blog like this could be misinterpreted as self-absorbed and narcissistic…believe me I get it, but in all honesty, those who know me best, know me best.  So, as I thought more and more about humility, I decided to really pay more attention to this feeling. I Googled “humility” and here are some highlights of what I found:

Humility or humbleness is a quality of being courteously respectful of others. It is the opposite of aggressiveness, arrogance, boastfulness, and vanity. Rather than, “Me first,” humility allows us to say, “No, you first, my friend.” Humility is the quality that lets us go more than halfway to meet the needs and demands of others.

Friendships and marriages are dissolved over angry words. Resentments divide families and co-workers. Prejudice separates race from race and religion from religion. Reputations are destroyed by malicious gossip. Greed puts enmity between rich and poor. Wars are fought over arrogant assertions.

Acting with humility does not in any way deny our own self worth. Rather, it affirms the inherent worth of all persons. Some would consider humility to be a psychological malady that interferes with “success.” However, wealth, power or status gained at the expense of others brings only anxiety — never peace and love.

Self-righteousness is one of the hardest sins to avoid because it is so much easier to see other peoples faults than to see our own faults. Rather than look for faults in others, we should look for the good in others and try to correct the faults within ourselves.

No one makes us angry. Anger is our own emotional response to some action or event. More often than not, our angry feelings are based on a misinterpretation of what someone said or did. Expressing anger tends to prolong and reinforce our anger rather than purge it. Angry words and actions are much more likely to escalate hostilities and block communication than to solve a problem. Whether between parent and child, spouses, friends, or nations, expressions of anger divide us and drive us toward open hostility.

It is all too easy to react to life’s annoyances and disappointments with anger. It is far more challenging, but much better, to react with understanding and empathy. In this way, we can quickly settle disputes and avoid turning minor incidents into major battles. The humble demeanor is a perfect tool for avoiding disputes and hard feelings

By humility we acknowledge that God created us for his purposes and not for our self-glorification. By humility we acknowledge the dignity of all God’s people. By humility we cool the angry passions of others. By humility we can turn enemies into friends.

A humble demeanor is not a denial of our worth as individuals. Rather, it is the tool that allows us, insofar as possible, to be on good terms with all persons.

A fool always loses his temper, but a wise man holds it back. (NAS, Proverbs 29:11)


12 thoughts on ““Humility”

  1. Awesome post! Great insight…I’m dealing with a total split from my extended family (my mother, who died 17 yrs ago, side of the fam), which is huge because we were all very close. However, it’s a complicated decision I recently made after I realized how unhappy I’ve been around them. Nonetheless, I’ve been very angry that no one seems to care I stopped talking to them or chose not to attend my sister’s quickie wedding. But your post helped me see that I need to be humble and stop feeling resentment towards them. I made a healthy choice and will let God work on all those involved separately. I will continue to trust that this is all happening for a reason that will work out well in the end.

    Thanks! BTW I am an OG LA gal but I now live in the DC area so I’m totally in synch with your Cali Cool style. Love IT!!!!

    @Juanette Thanks for the book rec; def need to be reading that!

    1. You’re a brave woman for allowing yourself to be vulnerable and sharing this. You never know, by sharing your testimony, you could be helping someone else. I”m glad these words meant something to you. Bitterness is a cold and very lonely place. I’m glad your eyes are open now. God bless you!

      Oh and what part of LA are you from? I’m in SoCal.

  2. I can relate Leslie, I have had my blog for about four years but I only gained more readers when I began to post my outfit photos so I have struggled with the narcissistic thing also. I have wondered is the blog for myself for my own self-gratification? But I know that I would rather look at a “real person’s” style than a celebrity because a celeb isn’t usually running around doing grocery shopping, taking care of children etc. and the other details our lives entail. (And they get free clothes!)

    I have struggled with issues of anger (which is related to humility imo) and we read a book in my Bible study class about a year ago titled “Controlling The Tongue” and it was a definite eye opener for me. Sometimes in the midst of a moment, a phrase from the book will pop into my head and I know that it’s a signal from God for me to dignify the trial and hold my words. Thank you so much for posting this, I really admire and appreciate you for making this much more than a personal style blog.

  3. I read a quote via Twitter yesterday, and it basically stated “WHen you’re looking up to God, it’s hard to look down on others”. It is very easy to think about ourselves. I think too many times we become concerned with the end result of our labor of giving that we forget WHY we should be humble with our giving. This doesn’t mean that we should be a door mat and let people walk on us, but I do believe that if we follow God’s Word, seek a humble attitude, and walk in His spirit–well, we can be a living testimony to God’s greatness! I love this post!

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