top: unknown | jeans: unknown | purse: thrifted | boots: thrifted | necklace: "Chain Reaction" Mimi Boutique | ring: Target

If you’re anything like me, you sleep with a notebook and pen on your nightstand so you can jot down your brilliant ideas that seemingly always come to you in the wee hours of the morning.  Well, the following isn’t a “brilliant” idea per se, but it was an idea that I thought I’d share with my bleeps (blogger peeps).  The hubs and I try to eat dinner together every night at the dinner table without any interruptions.  I always ask, “so what was the peak and the pit of your day?” which leads to a debrief about the goings-ons of the day, both positive and negative.  There are times when it hasn’t been the best day and he’ll say he didn’t have a peak.  On those days, I simply remind him that he had the opportunity to open his eyes that morning, that he didn’t have to wonder where his children were, that he had a warm meal in his belly…all the simple things that we tend to overlook.  We often get wrapped up in the frustrations of our desires not being met that we forget about how blessed we are to have our most basic of needs met day after day after day.  That said, I wanted to take a half-second to make a list of just a few simple things I’m thankful for and love (in no particular order…oh and I’m not listing people because I’d never be able to finish this post).

Kisses one  the forehead

breakfast in bed

learning new words

picking up a pen and writing

star gazing

flying first class

lady bugs

cotton candy


the awkwardness that is Ben Stiller (Meet the Parents) and Steve Carrell (The Office)

public access radio

cold bed sheets


anything with cheese on it

steaming hot showers

reality TV

fresh manicure

the freedom to do absolutely nothing


my life

God’s mercy and grace


By the way, I had a horrendous time trying to narrow down which pictures I wanted to post.  My bad!  I guess I’m kind of a “more the merrier” kinda girl!

I never realized how goofy I am until I saw myself on national TV last week.  Here’s how the story goes, my church’s youth group decided to attend a taping of the TV game show, Let’ s Make  Deal hosted by Wayne Brady.  Apparently some rumor got out that the likelihood of you actually being selected by Wayne to be a contestant increases if you wear a costume of some sort.  [Insert FREAKSHOW].  No one knows whether or not they will be selected so that’s all the more reason to dress like a crazy person.   I kept it pretty toned down and just dressed up as a children’s nurse so it was pretty surprising to me that I got picked.  That’s all I’ll say.  See for yourself.

Click here to see me make a complete fool of myself.  You’ll see me around the 26 minute mark.


23 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. you might have made a “fool” of yourself as you say (i dont think you did ) but at least you won the money !!!!!! congrats !!! 🙂

  2. “Que the gangsta music… it’s a man with a girl bag, it’s a man with a girl bag” haha HILARIOUS – CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    Also in response to your post, i enjoy going through my i’m thankful list anytime i’m down too.

  3. Love that your outfit is cute and to the point. And you should always be able to talk to your spouse. Communication is the key to ANY success. That’s the slogan my husband and I live by. Also, congrats on your win! Very exciting, and right on time for the holidays…

  4. OMGosh… Congratulations on your winnings. This is my first time visiting your blog and I was excited for you as if you have been my long time home girl. God is good, make sure and give Him some Thank You offering!!! Its the little things that should mean the most, thanks for reminding us to be thankful.

    I will definitely be back.


  5. Great post! It’s great that you guys are able to sit down and talk about your day, that can be so therapeutic! I love your list especially cold bed sheets, it’s the little things that make the bigger picture.

    Now you look fierce as usually! I LOVE those boots…I never shoes in my size when I go thrifting.

    Congrats on your win!

  6. That’s such a good idea. It’s so easy to forget the little things. I think I might copy you!

    and you are so right about all the brilliant ideas that start flooding my mind at the wee hours of the morning. I haven’t tried the notebook by the bed trick yet, but I really should.

    You look lovely as usual. okay, so the boots were thrifted, but at least tell us what brand they are! I NEED THEM!

  7. I love your boots! CONGRATULATIONS on the win! God is GOOD! And thanks for the reminder about being grateful that our basic needs are being met everyday. I haven’t had too many “peaks” in my days lately so I felt like this really applied to me.

  8. GIRL! *smh* I am going through it (it=whatever low you can think of) and it seems the worse things get for me,
    the less I think about others and all of my blessings so, basically, thanx for the reminder 😉

    I like the outfit. As I was lying in bed this morning I comtemplated wearing something very similar today but I don’t
    know where my black tunic is so… juicy couture tracksuit it is. 😐

    You looked cute on LMAD! I was all cheesin & all happy for you, CONGRATS again!

  9. I love your pictures and the fact that you and hubby sit down for dinner everynight.. Thats been hard for my husband and I with his busy youth pastor schedule.. Definitely something to work on though. 🙂 Now what do you use on your hair when its straight? It looks so nice and shiny.. 🙂 BTW.. the Wild Growth seems to be helping already.. Thanks!! xoxo

  10. Hey beauty!
    Are those boots Type Z?! I am in love with the fact that they are thrifted. Who would donate those babies? MAJOR SCORE! LOL!

    Mommy-chic and cute per usualle!

    ohohoh- *wink* Thanks for following =)

  11. I really love the black boots, black shirt and jeans combo. Especially the bold necklace. Very crisp look. But I’m really commenting to thank you on the “Simple Things” list. Sometimes life gets so busy and things become so important we forget about the small things in life. Everything you mentioned on your list is something that makes the my day better to. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Great post! We often forget the smaller things in life that bring us joy. It’s always good to revisit the things tat we are thankful for! 🙂 Great outfit, as usual. Those boots are seriously all kinds of FAB!!

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