As I mentioned in my last post, my computer shut off just before I hit “publish”, consequently I lost the entire draft.  The pictures below were part of that very meaty post which now of course I don’t have time to re-write.  Enjoy the pics!

coat: unknown | top: ancient | sweater: unknown | leggings: Target | boots: Charles David | DIY leg warmers | ring: Target




DIY = Cut the sleeves off of sweater and use them as leg warmers in your boots


11 thoughts on “FASHION bite

  1. AWESOME AWESOME as ever. I have no clue how creative one can get with clothing. I LOVE LOVE LOVE did I say LOVE the BOOTS!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to cut one of my sweaters and rock this look, this will be perfect for one of my busy saturdays!!!!! You Rock!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Aww Man…I’ve been missing out! I got out of the habit of looking everyday, because of that camera dilemma. I too happy to see your back up and running :). BTW Love, Love, Love the Charles David boots…I have a few and they are the most comfortable in my collection!

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