Fluke Walton

Okay so I may catch some flack about this but come on.  Luke Walton…seriously?  I mean I like the guy as a human being as much as the next Laker fan but Luke, really?  I’ll just say this and sit down.  I wish I could call in to work sick for like 3 years straight, then come back to work and send an email here and there, make a phone call every once in a while and expect to be one of the best paid employees and have all the benefits that everyone else gets.  Where do I sign up?

coat: Laundry by Shelli Segal | top: unknown | necklace: Mimi Boutique "Chain Reaction" Necklace | watch: Michael Kors | boots: Redtoo | bag: Coach | jeans: unknown


L.A. Live


We were blessed with some pretty close seats behind Rob Kardashian


The Black Mamba



"I'd like to thank my psychiatrist"



George Lopez and the black guy from that one show...




Alas, he did score a significant 3 points at Tuesday’s game against the Minnesota Timberwolves.  Which given the fact that the Lakers only won by 5 points is actually a legit contribution.  One might say, that had he not scored made his 3-point shot that the Lakers just might have lost.  Alright, I’ll cut him some slack…until next game.


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