jacket: unknown | scarf: random | purse: Coach | tee: Jee | watch: Michael Kors | jeggings: unknown | boots: thrifted


18 thoughts on “FASHION bite

  1. ….. I would wear this in a heart beat!! love those boots, the jacket….i love everything! great post. P.S. i know you said don’t ask but….what happened to your hair throughout the day lol …:)

  2. I’m so glad to see you back with a camera!!!
    I like the outfit and how effortless yet fly it looks.
    That 2nd pic w/ the sky background is SO dope! Awesome shot 😉

    1. You should definitely add it to the list. Yep, I use a tripod. Tripods can be a little pricey so a word to the wise, hang out at your local thrift stores and see if you can find one there. A tripod is a tripod is a tripod. It doesnt have to be fancy. Spend the moola on a good camera.

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