Take Me, I’m Yours!

Remember my post the other day when I was telling you about that gift card I got to Mimi Boutique?  Remember how cute all that stuff was?  Remember I said to stay tuned to my November 1st post?  Guess what, today is November 1st and this is me keeping my word!  I’m hosting another…

Chain Reaction Multi Layered Necklace | $36.75 USD

The “Chain Reaction Multi Layered Necklace” above is actually the item I selected and I’m counting down the days until the shipment arrives on my doorstep.  So.  Excited!  Anyways, since this was one of the items that I got a lot of buzz about, my friends at Mimi Boutique offered to sponsor a giveaway.  Wasn’t that nice of them?  And guess what, this necklace also comes in gold.  Ooh la la!

Here are the deets:

1.  Leave me a comment below with your name, email address and the name of your favorite item at Mimi Boutique.

2.  For additional entries you can follow @mimiboutique on Twitter and/or “Like” the Facebook page.  One additional entry per item.  Max of 3 entries per person.

Seriously, this is like the easiest giveaway in history.  The giveaway closes on Monday 8th at 5pm PST.

This just in…I just got mine 3 days ago and I’ve worn it twice.  LOVE.  IT.


57 thoughts on “Take Me, I’m Yours!

  1. How am I supposed to pick my favoritewhen there are so many great items!!! I’ll have to go with the Samantha Leopard Print Satchel, I can use this bag in my collection..its different from what I usually buy but its cute!

  2. The Octavia bag in olive is lovely. The omega-style detail sets it apart from other bags, and it is eye-catching without being over the top. I enjoy your blog and check daily for new postings–your savvy mix of provoking thought and great outfits is appreciated!

  3. My fave item is the Chanelle Doctor Satchel in Brown! so fab!

    katch05 at gmail dot com

    PS. Thanks so much for making this sooo easy!

  4. I just started looking on your blog… NICE!! I subscribe to you on youtube… I love the DIY you have and just how you take something so simple and make it look so nice.. KUDOS TO YOU!!!
    Oh and on MiMiBountique I just love there handbag collections (I just love bags in general lol) But if I had to choose (which btw I narrow down to 3[ Donetta Lace Satchel in brown, the details are so unexpected which makes the bag, Leann in Pale Blue love the wood handles!! and lastly the Juliana Satchel in brown I love that it is “inspired” by a Birkin bag]) So I will have to go with the Juliana Satchel in brown… although its still pricey (for me that is..lol) a girl can dream!! lol

  5. i like this item. “Chain Reaction” Multi Layered Necklace in Silver. it´s off the hook absoultly lovely. i would rock my [booty] off with that kind of hot stuff!

  6. i love love love that necklace since your first post a few days ago. i went straight to the website and luxoriated on their pages for over an hour. mimi’s items are to die for and for a new yorker like me, i would have a great time putting looks together so that i can strut down 5th avenue in all my glory. i enjoyed their jewelry section, the handbag section and the way you put your looks together also. your inspiration is endless. i’m off to the mimi site again – smooches!

  7. Oooh pick me, pick me! Let’s see my favorite item is the Channele Satchel in black. That’s today’s answer, of course. As me tomorrow and it will be something else, I’m sure. They have SO much great stuff.

    I am a follower of MimiBoutique on Twitter AND I like MimiBoutique on Facebook! Boo-yow! Lol!!!

    Eboni Ife’

    p.s. I miss you 😦

  8. My favorite item is the Arden Cuff Bracelet with Chains (insert SWOON here). I absolutely love it, but its easy to love everything on the site, the hard part is picking out a favorite. The Arden Cuff Bracelet looks sweet, trendy and edgy all at the same time.


  9. Madaline Comeaux

    I read your blog daily and you are a true and humble inspiration. I am working on my blog now when I can find the time. I love the Cameron Cameo Brooch. I would pin this to the side of my black turtleneck sweater which I would wear with light trouser jeans and red studded heels.

  10. I read your blog daily and you are a true and humble inspiration. I am working on my blog now when I can find the time. I love the Cameron Cameo Brooch. I would pin this to the side of my black turtleneck sweater which I would wear with light trouser jeans and red studded heels.

  11. OMG so many to choose from. Well I initially fell in love with the multi stranded watch in coral but as I was perusing the website I saw some other items that i need in my life. So the one thing that caught my eye and stole my heart has to be the Corina gold earrings, love them and the funny thing is that I don’t really like hanging earrings but those are gorgeous and I can literally see myself in them already.

    Oh btw I’m already a follower of you and Mimi boutique on twitter my username is JenJen_B (crossing my fingers and praying that I win 🙂 )

  12. 1st off, Love your blog! I still do not know how I stumbled upon it, but since then I’ve subscribed and look forward to your posts. I’ve even gone back through your archives and I must say your style makes my heart *pitter patter*. I’ve also “style jacked” you on a few of your OOTD. Total compliment, I promise. Oh, and the fringe scraf…wore mine on Saturday…HAWT!!! My poor t-shirts don’t have a chance now. I’m rambling. Sorry. On to the give-a-way – my favorite item…surprise surprise is the chain reaction layered necklace. It sat in my basket for a few days but knew my hubby would flip if I purchased another item online. So, that’s my favorite and the black handbad you had featured was a runner up. 🙂

  13. My favorite thing on MiMi Boutique is EVERYTHING, but if I had to choose 1 I would have to say the Valentina White Feather Hair Clip w/ vintage Jewelry Piece. I have never seen any hair clips like this & I love to find new, different, & creative looks to make an outfit pop. I love vintage pieces and this piece will make any casual jeans and v-neck POP.

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