It’s Saturday!  I took the day off yesterday, but it wasn’t really a day off.  I got up several hours earlier than I normally do because we needed to get the little ones off to school early.  I wouldn’t say that the day was physically grueling, it was just endless.  We didn’t  get to sleep until somewhere around two.  Some people can get away with no sleep and be fine.  Me?  You don’t want to know me if I haven’t had at least 4 solid hours of sleep.  Anyways, my plan for today was to just get some rest.  Sounds simple enough right?  It’s almost six.  I spent the morning tidying up the house, folding laundry, etc.  I took Jaxon to the library for some quality time and we just got home.  As if on cue, Julia woke up from her nap as soon as I walked in the door.  Juice cup and snack and she’s back to entertaining herself with her hands and feet.  Jaxon is curled up on Dad’s lap eating Frosted Flakes, so I managed to sneak away to the kitchen island and write. I feel like I should be sipping cider from a martini glass every time I sit at my kitchen island.  I think backless barstools just have that effect on me. Well, I managed to get some “rest” in.  Now back to reality.  Julia’s crying so off I go.

Stay tuned to Monday’s post!


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