Head to Toe!

One of my friends from my YouTube Channel recently asked if I could blog about where I find the best deals on shoes.  So, I thought I’d put together a quick post with some of my favorite online shopping sites for shoes.  There are just a few, so I’m just going to run them down for you.  I figure you don’t need a whole lengthy explanation, after all we’re all online shopping pros by now.  Just click, see something you like and buy.  🙂

Have I missed any that you think deserve to make the cut?  These are all site that I’ve personally experienced great product, great customer service and great prices.

One other thing I wanted to share with you is a hair care product that has always worked wonders for me.  When I cut my hair several years back, I used this growth oil and it grew back really thick and really fast, granted I only cut my hair to a little bit above my shoulders, but hey growth is growth.  This was also my go to hair care product after my two little ones.  I think I told you about my hair loss experience, but in a nutshell, during my pregnancies I had THE most luscious hair on earth.  I’d say maybe two months after giving birth my hair began to fall out in handfuls, specifically around my edges (the hair that frames my face).  Anyways, I used this and my hair began to grow back in.  Less than 3 month later my hair was back.  So, if anyone else is experience post-partum hair loss give this product a try.  It worked for me.

Here’s how I used it:

  • I use it no more than twice a month.
  • I use it when my hair is not “done” (so when I wear it in a wet style).
  • At night I wash my hair with Tres Semme Conditioning shampoo and Garnier Fructis conditioner
  • Lightly towel dry my hair.  I don’t blow dry it.
  • Part my hair into about 9 sections and put a very light stand of oil on my scalp along each of the parted lines. I’m careful not to put too much because it has a strong odor and it’s a heavy oil so it can lead to matting.
  • I gently comb it through and twist it into a bun with a bobby pin.
  • I then wrap my hair in a warm/hot towel and another dry towel over that and go to sleep. You can also put a plastic shower cap and a dry towel on over that. The idea is to keep your hair moist and hot so that the oil really gets to work.
  • In the morning, I take out the bobby pin and just style it however I plan to wear it that day. I try to make sure not to put any other products in my hair. If I must (to tame the frizzies) I put Dove Conditioner on my hair.
  • My only other caution is that the oil as I said is thick and has kind of a strong odor.  It is also a deep honey brown and will drip, so I recommend using dark towels.

Well that’s about it.  This definitely isn’t professional advice.  I’m just sharing what worked for me.  I hope it works for you too!



3 thoughts on “Head to Toe!

    1. I know you can get it online from Amazon.com, but as for stores, I’d say if you go to any Black beauty supply they’ll have it. I’ve been able to find it at all of the ones I’ve been to. 🙂

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