It’s Better to Give…

There I was, minding my business checking my email, when I saw something from a name I didn’t recognize.  I figured it was junk but the subject made me curious, it read, “Unique Opportunity with CSN Stores”.  I read on.  It turns out they were contacting me about a legit promotional opportunity and offered me the option to conduct a product review where they would send me an item of my choice and I would blog about it, or I could host a giveaway of a $20 gift certificate to shop at any one of the 200 online CSN stores.  So, immediately I’m thinking there’s got to be a catch.  But, I looked anyways.   I was delighted to find that this was actually stuff that I would put down some cold hard cash for.  They had everything from stylish handbags to great cookware.  They even had a pretty cool end table that I drooled over for a minute or two.  Still, there had to be a catch, this was too good to be true.  Here are a couple of shoes I found that blew my socks off:

Luichiny Quittin Time | $85
Luichiny Now or Never | $55
Luichiny Love Lee | $77.95

Then it hit me!  I realized the “catch”.  I would now have to decide whether to go with the option where I get something for myself, or opt to give one lucky girl a $20 gift certificate.  If you can believe it, I have been struggling with this decision for little over a week.  Does that make me selfish?  Oh dear!  Well, I decided that because it’s better to give than to receive I would go with option two and host a giveaway!!!!  So, with that said, here are the details my friends:

The only requirements are that you are a resident of US or Canada (CSN does not ship elsewhere) and that you want to participate!

Leave a comment with the following info:

– Your name

–  email address

For additional entries you can do any of the following.  Each will earn you an additional entry:

1.  Tweet about it!  Retweet this post by clicking the “Tweet” button below.  Make sure to mention @FASHIONdujour.

2.  Blog about it!  One way to do this is by clicking on the applicable “share” link below.

3.  Subscribe to it! Let me know how you get your FASHION du jour daily fix (Google reader, Bloglovin, RSS, email, etc.) If you’re not sure how to subscribe, click on the RSS button at the top of the menu to the right for some easy steps.

4. YouTube it!  Become a subscriber to my YouTube Channel “FASHIONdujourdaily” and leave me a comment there letting me know you want to win!

This giveaway will end on Tuesday, September 28th at 5pm PST and the winner will be announced on Wednesday.  I’ll randomly select a winner using


37 thoughts on “It’s Better to Give…

  1. I’m excited about the chance to Win!!..and thanx for following your heart and sharing w/ us..I kno how hard it was to Not be Selfish..these shoes are the Bizness!!..xoxo @ (twitter @dhillro)

  2. Ooo-La-La!
    When I saw your twitter post
    I wondered what you were talking about
    Now I’m super glad I clicked on the link
    Dont feel too bad, you’ll get your rewards 10x fold
    …or maybe I’m just saying that blc I’m extra ‘cited that I might win

    ..oh yeah..

    Name – Stephanie
    Email –

    1. ha ha! Isn’t that always the first thought that comes to your mind when you see my twitter posts? “What is this girl talking about now?” LOL Glad you kept on clicking and entered! Good luck, Sweetie!

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