You Asked For It!

By now you’ve likely seen my most recent video (and if you haven’t, click on over to the …FASHIONdujour TV page above and check it out).  Well, I got several questions about some of the items I showed on my clothing haul, namely the striped wrap.  So, I figured I’d give you a quick rundown on this lovely piece.

Just look at it.   It’s perfect.  It’s by It’s cotton poly-span (cotton/polyester/spandex) fabric.  Machine washable.  It has a raw-edge hem and is a burnout so the entire piece is almost sheer except for the forearm area of the sleeves.  It’s thin enough to wear all summer long but warm enough to wear all winter.  The one I received is Medium and I was surprised that the sleeves hit my wrists at the perfect spot.  I usually feel like a lot of my tops and blazers hit my wrist at an awkward length so I’m tugging at them all day or constantly scrunching them up my forearm.  The day the package came to my doorstep, I had just come home from the gym so I was sweaty and gross, consequently I didn’t want to try it on.  Instead I grabbed my dress form and went to town.  Here are some ways to wear this wrap:

wrapped tightly making a very high V at the neck and belted at the waist
worn open with the belt tied at at the high waist

I’m going to have fun with this!  What’s even better is that I didn’t have to wait a million and one years to get it in the mail either.  It only took about 7 days from the time I said “I do”, to the day it landed on my doorstep.  Awe. Some!

Here are a couple of other amazing items I found at  Hold on to your hats because these are ALL UNDER $100!

Floral Embellished Knit and Taffeta Dress $69.95

Tulle Rosette Copper Beaded Necklace | $19.95
Button Front Asymmetric Hem Top | $24.95

Happy shopping and don’t say I didn’t warn you!


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