Can’t Wait…

wrap: eshakit . tanks: Hanes . jeans: Eunina . shoes: Urban Original . bag: thrifted . watch: Fossil . sunnies: thrifted . belt: The Hubs (Levi's)

Remember back in the day to the week leading up to…THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!  I don’t know about you but I turned into a total nutcase.  I planned out everything that I was going to wear until my new stuff ran out.  I hated having to repeat during the first week, but of course it was inevitable.  Were you like me?  Did you organize out your outfits for the week.  I literally spent hours.  And I was epically miserable if I saw someone else at school with the same article of clothing on.  It was to the point that I would want to go home and change.  My how life has changed.  Anyways, I mention this because my excitement about wearing the wrap I have on in these pictures was equivalent to the anxiety attacks I’d have those days before school started.  The rest of the outfit, I honestly didn’t put a ton of thought into all I knew is  I was determined to wear this wrap.  This is my I-dont-care-who’s-looking-I’m-wearing-this-wrap-and-there’s-nothing-you-can-do-about-it outfit. Don’t judge me!  LOL

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9 thoughts on “Can’t Wait…

  1. I’ve never commented on a blog before..Yes I’m a lurker..But I have to say that this outfit is delicious!! I would recreate this in a minute. I will follow your blog from now on..Thanks for the inspiration!

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