Why I Love the 80s!

dress: thrifted from the 80s . shoes: Steve Madden . purse: thrifted

So, this is kind of a non-outfit outfit post.  I put this awesome dress on to show you guys but never went anywhere in it.  I. Love. This. Dress!  Which is why I couldn’t just wait until I wore it out (like a normal person) and then blog about it.  No way!  I had to put it on for no other reason at all but to show you, which is also why it’s a semi-put together outfit.  In real life I’m not sure I’d wear the white heels in public.  I need to figure out what my going out in public look will be with this dress.  I’m not quite sure.

I got an interesting email the other day from a sweet girl sharing with me her time management challenges and how it has become almost impossible to balance her family life with her blog life.  She was frustrated and looking for advice.  This email got me thinking.  It brought me to the  realization that so many of us woman are trying to figure out the duties of our demanding “external” lives while trying to maintain a very necessary “internal” life.  I don’t proclaim to be an expert by any means, but I attempted to encourage this girl with some scripture (Phil. 4:13, “I can do all things…”) and gave her the run down of a typical day in MY life. So, I thought I’d share a bit of that with you to…

I’ll spare you all the nitty gritty details but my day starts roughly at 5:00, well, my alarm goes off at 5:00.  I’m at work at 8:00 and I do 90% of my picture taking during my lunch hour which is at random times of the day.  I try never to go at noon because the sun is always too high for my pictures to come out right.  When I leave work I usually have about an hour and a half before the hubby and kids get home.  In that time I get something out for dinner, squeeze in a 40 minute workout (sometimes) and publish a quick post.  When the family gets home, I spend the rest of the night with them eating dinner, giving baths and spending some quality time until the kids go got sleep.  I’m usually asleep by midnight….usually.  My life would be a train wreck without the help of the Hubs.

And if you’re wondering why my last few posts were taken indoors, it’s because I took the pictures during my lunch break one day.  I thought about bringing the outfits to work with me, but just the thought of changing in the car made me sweat.  Thank goodness I work so close to home.


18 thoughts on “Why I Love the 80s!

  1. I love this dress! I love it! If you don’t wanna rock the white shoes…try a neutra/flesh tone shoe or go hard and wear black booties with a black belt with chains or studs on it. You can definitely edge this dress it.

    YOu can rock it in the fall with tights and booties. I love it.

    Great find…and I don’t have a kid yet but I barely have enough time for me! I always wonder why life will be with a full fledged family to be responsible for…YIKES!

  2. Love the dress!!! I think a nude shoe would work best with it. Just my opinion because I am not fan of white heels. (although they don’t look so bad with the wooden heel).

  3. I love the colors in this dress!! Very pretty and the shape is very feminine. Girl don’t I know that trying to manage your family life, work like and a blog isn’t easy and I always get asked the same question! With 2 kids, working fulltime and a home and hubby to take care of as well, I can totally relate! And I sure wish I had the guts to set up and take pictures on my lunch break. Keep up the great work! 🙂

    1. Girl, I had no idea raising a family would be…what it is. But there’s nothing more rewarding. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I know you can attest to that. Being Mommy, wife, nurse, CEO of the house, chef, valet, coach and everything else under the sun is one of those commitments that only God can bless us with. If I didn’t do my pictures at lunch they’d never get done! Can you believe now that I’m starting P90X? We’ll see how the next 90 days go! LOL

  4. I love this dress! I’m not a White shoe lover but u can modernize the dress by wearing maybe a studded belt and nude shoes or sandals. You can prob slip a black or solid color pencil skirt or full skirt over the bottom and showcase the blouse part.

    Some hardcore black booties or a biker belt w it totaaly give it that fem but hardcore edge.

    You are adorable. I don’t have kids but I barely have tme to get me together…I always wonder what kinda time I would have if a baby was in the mix!

    I love the 80’s too! Great thrift!!

  5. im not a fashion person in the least bit but i do read your blog so question…why wouldnt you wear white heels in public? is that some fashion faux paux i missed? i actually really like your shoes and wouldnt mind some white heels myself if i wore heels just a question 🙂

    1. Maybe it’s my own hangup but I feel like they’re kind of dated. Honestly though, I’m sure my opinion will change by the end of the year. Maybe if I found some really cute ones that I love, they wouldn’t bother me too much. Thanks for stopping by, sweetie!

  6. I first saw your pics on the fashion bomb, and that blk polkadot skirt top stayed with me. A couple of weeks later, I went back to that website and read you had a blog. I started following you last week (and mind you, I DO NOT follow any blogs)What stood out about you on the fashion bomd and your blog was how you shared and incorporated your faith to the world on your blog. I too, am a christian and I want to encourage you to continue sharing your faith on your blog. Last week i read one of your blog, expressing how you would love to be a well recognized blogger, well look, it is definately in your path. Remember, God doesn’t just give us what we want then and there, We have to pray continuosly and be patient. There is a reason why God placed it in your heart to create this blog, to share the good news and win souls to Christ….and of course to share your fashion sense 😉
    Girl, I could go on and on, but I have to stop now, but I will say this : Be encouraged because your work is not in vain 🙂 God bless Richi
    Do you have a direct email?

    1. I’m speechless. Thank you for this very “on time” reminder. You know, when I started this blog I can admit that it was kind of on a superficial and almost selfish level. Sure, it served its purpose as a creative outlet for me, but as time has passed it’s proved to be so much more rewarding than I could have ever imagined. I’m so thankful for the readers like yourself who take the time to comment and encourage me. It really goes a long way. Thank you, Richi, for taking time out of your day to leave this message for me. As a believer and your sister in Christ, I know that you have been a blessing to me today. For that, I thank you!

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