Copy Cat Challenge: Bajan Beauty

Kimberly Davies

The gorgeous Banjan Beauty submitted this picture of Kimberly Davies as an outfit for me to copy.  This girl must live in my closet (not Kimberly, Banjan Beauty).  Is this me or what?  Kimberly’s got some serious style of her own so it’s no surprise that she picked an outfit that defines me so well.  Wait a minute…am I THAT predictable?  (Insert nervous laugh)  Hmm…now I’ll be thinking about this all weekend. LOL  Well, my darling Banjan Beauty, here’s the FASHION du jour daily rendition of Kimberly’s outfit.  Or should I say, how do you like Kimberly’s rendition of MY outfit?

blazer: thrifted . top: sample sale . jeans: J Brand . shoes: Carlos Santana . watch: Fossil . earrings: F21

The top I’m wearing is one you’ve seen before.  I’m wearing it a bit differently.  Here’s what I did:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Special thanks again to my dear, Banjan Beauty, for submitting this look.  If you have a celebrity look that you’d like to see me attempt to copy, send me an email or leave me a comment. I’m up for the challenge!


13 thoughts on “Copy Cat Challenge: Bajan Beauty

  1. I love your blog!! You are very creative and inspiring. This question may sound odd…but do you have any tips on how you select thrift items? For example, I LOVE this blazer that you have on this photo…but is this a male or female blazer? I want to establish a wardrobe with high-end pieces, but also having unique thrifted items.

    Any suggestions are appreciated.


    1. Thanks for the LOVE! That’s definitely NOT an odd question. I recently blogged about my tips for thrifting here but specifically, regarding blazers, if you REALLY want to know…I grab and pray. I ABHOR trying clothes on at the store, but when thrifting it’s a must. Believe me I’ve got quite the collections of duds in my closet that I’m hoping will magically fit one day. Seriously though, I look mainly in the women’s section because I’m not big on tailoring the stuff that I thrift so I try to stay away from men’s clothes. I also look in the boys section. Lots of times they have items from various school uniforms that are durable (sometimes visibly “durable” if you know what I mean) if you’re into that kind of stuff. I hope that helps some. Feel free to ask me anything else. XOXO

        1. You can call it “WORK it”! Get it? WORK it? Like Work as in…oh nevermind, you get it! LOL Kind of a play on words. Puns are totally acceptable in my book any day of the week. I hope you decide to do it!

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