If It Ain’t Brogue, Then Fix It!

jacket: GAP Kids . top: sample sale . necklace: random . watch: Fossil . bracelet: Brighton . belt: Dockers . shorts: xhiliration . shoes: Stride Rite . bag: thrifted . sunnies: Ray Ban Wayfarer

Hello Sweethearts!  As you may know, I’ve been trying to figure out what to wear with a pair of black brogues I recently found.  Lucky me I found them at one of my secret hangouts for $2.99 and they were like new!  I honestly think God blessed me with the gift of rescuing awesome stuff from thrift stores.  Anyways, I had been seeking advice on Twitter on what to wear this newly acquired pair of brogues with.  This is what I came up with.  Likey?

Treadmill Conversations (the following conversation snippet was overheard while I was minding my own business non-eavesdropping getting my cardio in on the treadmill)

Notso Buff Guy #1:  …Ya man I had to get back in the gym.  I’ve been slippin!

Notso Buff Guy #2:  …Ya man I haven’t been in here in a minute.  I had to stop coming because I was getting too big?

Notso Buff Guy #1:  Oh ya?  I hate it when that happens?

It took all of everything I had to fix the crazy look I had on my face.  It was THE funniest conversation I’ve heard between two grown men in a long time. Seriously guys?  Really?  No.  Really??

NOTE TO SELF:  Bring earbuds to the gym tomorrow.


16 thoughts on “If It Ain’t Brogue, Then Fix It!

    1. Thanks Babe! How sweet of you to stop by! I checked out your blog too and you look like you had an awesome time on your trip. Wish I could have seen more of your outfits. 🙂 But that’s just me being the fashion hound that I am. p.s. I’m your second follower.

  1. Les…those look horrible on you. They look too big and not your style at all. Bring them to church for me tomorrow so I can wear them next week!!! Hahahahahahahaaaa
    Love you sis. As always..you look absolutely stunning 😉

    1. Why thank you! Of course I had to hope on over and see what you were up to. And of course you look fabulous, of course! And look who else has an awesome pair of brogues! Why yes my darling, YOU! LOVE ‘EM…of course! 🙂

    1. I’ve been on the search for broques for quite a while so when these fell into my lap I think I “air-screamed”. You know like how people play “air-guitar”? I “air-screamed”. LOL Anyway! I was excited. 🙂

  2. Hey mama! You are looking fab! Ugh and let me tell you- i just purchased some very own oxfords of my own and i LOVE- they are to die! So i can just imagine your excitement when you found your cuties you are rocking here. You must be so lucky that in Cali there is a pleasant medium in temps. Here, in philly, it is already feeling a little brisk!

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