sunnies: unknown . vest: sample sale . tee: Hanes . belt: sample sale . leggings: unknown . purse: thrifted . sandals: Steve Madden . jewelry: F21


7 thoughts on “FASHION bite

  1. Ok, so i am sooo glad you started making vids! Im sure you are following some great fashionistas and makeup gurus on Youtube as i am. However, evern tho i havent been able to comment on your blog in a long minute, im still following and i must say ‘wordpress’ is being good to you. Same great commentary , with a straight to the point lay out- loves it!

    Your outfits are still on point! i love it. Being as though im not a mommy yet, you make all the young mommies out there look fab. *PROPS*
    and the sunnies in this post are absolutely to die! LOVE THEM! they look vintage or thrifted- either way.. keep it up mama, you workin it!

    Shan from philly.

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