My name is Leslie and I’m a Fashion Bomb Daily junkie.  Honestly, this website is one of my daily reads.  I love browsing the Fashion Bomb of the Day pages and checking out all of the late breaking fashion news.  I have to get my daily fix and I love that, Claire, the owner of the site is an every day girl, despite the notoriety of this awesome site!  When I grow up I want to be just like Claire!

This morning I woke up to an email from Claire letting me know that she was using a picture of mine for her Labor Day post.  Immediately I popped on over to her site and there on the front page was little old me.  Way cool!  The picture she featured is from this recent post.  Check it out!

Happy Labor Day, Sweethearts!


6 thoughts on “RECENTLY FEATURED ON: Fashion Bomb Daily

  1. Its you again! Goregous pics Les!! Im so proud of you…I’m going to try one of your DIY projects and ice the cake with some bamboo’s ::u know I’m ghetto ;-):: Pics coming soon! God bless you Les!

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