White (even after Labor Day) is Right!

Practically my entire outfit was purchased at various sample sales. My shoes are: Ziggy Soho/Purse: Louis Vuitton Speedy 30/watch: Michael Kors

I managed to squeeze this in right before Labor Day.  Although, I hear that the no-white-after-Labor Day law is a joke in California since we pretty much wear whatever, whenever!  Consider this your cue to pack it up and move on down to California.

Special thanks to Jazzy from Ohio for submitting this Copy Cat Challenge idea.  While Jazzy doesn’t have a blog she is an “avid follower of all things fashion”.  I laughed when I read her email because she didn’t know who the celebrity was…sadly enough neither do I.  I hope I did your submission justice, Jazzy!

See more of today’s outfit here:


15 thoughts on “White (even after Labor Day) is Right!

  1. Love this look! your clogs are cute – makes me want a pair. I just found your blog and subscribed. Your outfits are great! I love that they are very cute and trendy, but modest. Also, I LOVE that you are a Christian and it’s evident throughout your blog. Your hair is totally awesome, too! Please share your hair care tips!

    1. Thanks Girl! Are clogs growing on you? They grew on me. If you get a pair, dont splurge. I get the feeling they wont be hot for too much longer. Thank you for sharing all the fashion splendors of Chicago with us on RueLaLa I left a comment on your post. I think Chicago and LA have tons in common when it comes to fashion. I’ve been obsessed with suspenders for months and cant seem to find them everywhere, yet I dont see anyone here wearing them. The search continues. Thanks for the love!

      1. Funny thing is, I bought a pair of fabulous clogs over 10 years ago. Why did I get rid of them?! It’s so hard to know what will/will not come back in style.

        Thanks for the Rue La La comment! I’m a little obsessed with suspenders as well. I haven’t worn them myself yet but definitely plan to incorporate them in my wardrobe soon. I can’t wait to see how you’ll style them. 🙂

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