Four Eyes

Guess what gang?  I get to go sunnie shopping.  I had my yearly optometrist visit last week and learned that my eyes are REALLY sun damaged.  Doc said I need to wear sunglasses any time I am outside.  In fact, I have to put my sunglasses on before I go out and keep them on until I go back in.  Doc says the aviators I have are pretty much worthless.  If you’ve been tuning in you know that I got them from a sunglasses stand in San Francisco.  They were, oh, $5 bucks or so.  You get what you pay for right?  However, I don’t remember paying for sun damaged eyes. 

I’m kinda excited to go sunnie shopping because I’m so used to getting the cheapy ones since I’m constantly losing or breaking them.  I was thinking of going with these  for $114 or these for $99.  What do you think? 

The Copy Cat challenge responses are rolling in.   You guys are funny!  You know me so well.  I’ll be picking something to wear next week!




7 thoughts on “Four Eyes

  1. My eyesight is not good either, but for other reasons. I love that print top and the studded bag. I like the chloe glasses better, the coach ones seems a bit oversized. Don’t forget to check out Ebay too, there are some sellers on there that are selling authentic merchandise.

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