Were you one of them? Did you wear the all denim outfits circa 1987? I’m talking denim head to toe and all one wash. Let’s not kid ourselves, mostly all of us did. Some of us even had the nerve to wear colored denim outfits a la Cross Colours complete with the black Guess boots, no less. Yes, I’m 30. I think back to those days and am thankful that we couldn’t afford to dress in the latest trends. I was the invisible kid in school that just wore jeans and t-shirts. I’ve been holding out on doing an all denim look kinda because it goes against everything I stand for. Okay I’m being dramatic again. I just have this thing about denim on denim. I don’t like to wear it, BUT today I made an exception…and I kinda like it.

Am I delirious or does this look kinda work? The better question is, would YOU wear it? That’s actualy a pretty good barometer for determining if your look is hot or not. If my bestest girlfriends say, “Oh that’s cute, but I wouldn’t wear it.” That lets me know that I need to run to my closet as fast as I can. Not that I ALWAYS base whether I like my outfit by what my friends say, but I kinda do…sometimes. I value my friends’ opinions as I do yours, so be frank, be honest, and above all…be NICE!

If you’re a Fashion Mag Hag like I am check out InStyle’s June edition ‘Denim A to Z’ to see more about the best ways to wear denim on denim!

By the way…I came across this blog that shows all the hottest denim on denim looks. Check it out: violetmeetsfashion


  • jacket: GAP (thrifted boys jacket)
  • tee: unknown (thrifted men’s tee)
  • jeans: Eunina
  • shoes: Charles David
  • purse: Louis Vuitton
  • watch: Fossil
  • bracelet & earrings: F21
  • necklace: long story

P.S. My hair was being disobedient today! UGH!

More of Today’s outfit

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16 thoughts on “Den-ummm?

  1. Thank you much. I am slightly obsessed now with creating a denim on denim look – I have you to thank for that. Bangs? LOVING THEM. And people are responding well, which is a plus. And that rice? MAJOR victory in my world. MAJOR.

  2. So funny, I was showing my husband a denim jacket that I just bought and he was like, are you going to wear that with jeans and I was like umm, NO – denim on denim is a crime – but I really love what you’ve done here. Cute!

    1. You are so cute! The Hubs gives me the side eye from time to time when he sees what I’m wearing too. LOL more importantly, how are those bangs working out for you? And correction, making rice not from a bag IS a big deal (in my world)! Lol. Cute blog!!!

  3. Uhm… I like it. I love denim on denim [even when it was not a trend :o)] and I always got positive feedbacks and people coping the look.This outfit gave me ideas (as usual)

    1. Denim on denim might be one of those trends that either you love or hate. I think I’ve crossed over from hating it to loving it, when it’s done right. 🙂 Malaika you need to show us some of you ideas!

  4. Hey Les,
    I think the denim on denim is fine. That looks great on you. Personally, I don’t like when it’s exactly matching! It almost looks like you’re trying too hard when you do that. Too matchy-matchy! I like a medium/dark combo… like a dark top & medium jeans or vice versa. I’m not sure about a light wash & a dark… I’ve seen it on people looking cool, but every time I put on my dark denim jacket with light wash jeans I end up taking it off. LOL! A nice medium chambray shirt with dark skinny jeans is a good look! I’m on the hunt for one soon!

    1. I LOVE chambray shirts. I just got one today. My other one is on it’s last leg. Matching denim looks too much like a suit for my liking but hey it may work for some. I usually see people wearing a mix of washes. I want to see your denim on denim JoLai!

  5. Definitely love the shoes with the skinny jeans and the matching belt. But two different denim washes is definitely a no-no!

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