About two months ago, the inevitable happened.  Julia is playing with my iPhone and decided she wanted test Newton’s law of gravity, so up in the air went my phone and down to the ground it went crashing.  Surprisingly enough, I wasn’t alarmed…at first.  After all, my phone had weathered many a beating at the hands of my dearest Julia.  So imagine my horror when I picked up my phone only to find the screen complete shattered.  It was shattered to the point that I could feel the shards of tempered glass coming out of the screen when I ran my fingers across it.  DUNZO!  I had no choice but to by a new phone.  i tucked my shattered phone away in a drawer and  forked over the $100 smackers to buy another iPhone.  As luck would have it, I lost phone number two in the airport almost a month and a half later.

At this point, I resolved not to buy another phone and I would just use the shattered one until I was miraculously blessed with a new one or came to my wits’ end and begrudgingly bought a new one.  Last Friday a co-worker saw my pitiful phone and shared with me how easy it would be to simply replace the screen and it would only cost about $20 bucks.  Excuse me…20 bucks?  That’s it?  Why didn’t someone tell me about this months ago?  I could have saved $100 bucks.  Bummer!  But the good news is that I don’t have to waste another$100.  I was told the repair kit could be purchase online at Amazon so I began my search.  Here’s what I found and for under $13.  I also got a link to the YouTube video showing a step-by-step of how to switch the screen out.

So, if you’re on the losing end of iPhone vs. Law of Gravity, I hope this information is helpful to you and at the very least saves you a headache.


Up for a Challenge?


17 thoughts on “Dunzo!

  1. Hiiiiiii! I’m new to your blog and I have to say I LOOOOVE your style. This is one of my favorite looks so far (although I love all the outfits I’ve seen so far). It’s something that I would wear (in fact I wear jeans and blazers all the time to work). You wedges are to diiiiiie for. You didn’t mention who they are by. Care to share? *fingers crossed* 🙂

    1. Awww, you’re sweet! Thanks for the love. For a while I practically slept in jeans and a blazer. I felt like it was all I wore. Somehow I got out of it and then moved on to some form of boyfriend jeans every day. LOL My wedges are actually by Classified. I dont normally buy that brand because I haven’t had the best of luck with how those shoes last, but these stayed in pretty good shape. I got them from Ross (the same day I got my metallic grey Joey heels) about 2 years ago.

  2. One of the best outfits yet! I will have to try this one out! Im going to have to get into the “rolling up the jeans” look. It HOTTTT

  3. Yes! Yes! Yes! That blazer is amazing. Your entire LOOK is just fabulous. Modest, approachable, and stylish. I’ve gotta find myself a blazer like this. I HAVE TO!

    1. LOL! Head to the thrift store! Blazers-a-plenty! I’m at the point now where it’s almost like I buy them on impulse. I dont even need them, but when they’re under $5 each it’s like I am compelled to buy them. I need help! LOL

  4. I Love your blazer! It’s a beautiful color. Just be careful bcuz any time you change the original pieces of the device it voids any manufactures warranty.

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