Up for A Challenge

Do you ever get bored with your wardrobe or feel like you have nothing to wear?  It seems like the Hubs is in and out of the closet in a matter of seconds while I’m still fumbling around ripping items from their hangers left and right.  I don’t know about you but I get that “nothing-to-wear” feeling, oh, at least once a week.  Rather than stewing on it I thought I’d ask for a little help from you…my friends.  Are you UP FOR A CHALLENGE?

Let’s call this the Copy Cat Challenge.  Send me a link or a picture of a casual celebrity look that you’d like to see me copy.  I’ll select one look a week and give it a go.  Here are three ways you can send me your suggestions:

  • EMAIL me a link or picture
  • leave a COMMENT below with at link
  • TWEET me a link or picture

Check back to see which look I picked as I’ll be mentioning your name and your blog (if you have one) here and on my YouTube Channel – FASHION du jour daily.

Here are a few websites that I frequent from time to time that feature celebrity fashions.  Feel free to browse and even pick something from there.

I’m excited to see what you all suggest.  This should be fun!


  • jacket: GAP (thrifted boys jacket) $4.50
  • dress: Swapped with a friend $0
  • shoes: Steve Madden DSW $20
  • purse: thrifted $5
  • watch: Michael Kors $185
  • earrings: F21


16 thoughts on “Up for A Challenge

    1. I’d definitely have to pass on the outfit (I need to tone up my legs)! The booties…well the truth is I think I’m a little too conservative to get enough wear out of them. Then again, it all depends on what you pair them up with. Hmmm…you’ve got my wheels churning!

    1. Girl! I LOVE booties. I have one pair and I’ve had to slow down on wearing them cuz for a minute it was like my go to shoe. LOL I wonder if they’ll go out of style soon. I dont really get the feeling they will since Fall is right around the corner, but I’d hate to invest in some good booties only to realize they’re not cute anymore. LOL Maybe I’ll take a trip to the swapmeet. Shhh! Don’t tell! LOL

  1. Correction to your post……you get that “nothing-to-wear” feeling, oh, at least FIVE times a week! LOL

    Love the new blog!!!

    – J. Young

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