Church Girl “Fits”

As many of you know, Sunday is my day of rest meaning I don’t put a ton of effort into selecting what I wear to church.  I probably should, but my churchy ‘fits’ aren’t where I want them to be yet.  I’ve got a gazillion pairs of jeans, give or take 1 or 2 and a bazillion casual tops that I’d never wear to church but for whatever reason when I go shopping I am always drawn to casual wear more than I am my church wear.  I’m working on that! 

Today’s post was inspired by Aisha who commented on yesterday’s post saying, “ speaking of Pastor’s Anniversary…what are some outfits you wear to church?  Would love to see that!!!”   Well Aisha, here’s a few looks that I’ve worn over the past year or so.  Ignore what appears to be minor weight gain, something’s wrong with my camera …note to self: never eat again! 

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