Introducing "FASHION bites"

I often have thoughts, ideas, pictures, outbursts, etc. that I want to share with you but because they’re not fully thought through the type-A in me doesn’t allow me to post them.  However, after a little more thought, I figured Type-A will just have to get over it.  Going forward, I’m going to post what I like to call “FASHION bites” at random.  FASHION bites simply be a mini-post of a picture or some other form of randomness with a little explanation so that you know I haven’t COMPLETELY lost it.  Today will be the first installation.
I recently got a some more pictures from a couple of subscribers showing me their renditions of the skirt/shirt from my blog post titled DIY: How to Make a Skirt Into a Top.  I can’t tell you how big of a smile it puts on my face to see that people actually tried it out.  I was even more impressed with how their renditions turned out. Take a look at this two lovely ladies and their skirt/shirt renditions:
Diva from California

 Amanda from Ohio
Both of these ladies commented on how easy this was and how excited they were to be able to refashion some of their old skirts into new creations.  How’s that for going green!

3 thoughts on “Introducing "FASHION bites"

  1. YAYAYAY!!! I love it… ummm I tried it and none of my skirts work. I’m thinking you should just give me your polka dot skirt! LOL!!! just kidding.

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