So This is What 30 Feels Like?

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I wanted to do something different today, so bear with me.  Through a series of random questions, I thought I’d share with you 30 things that you might not know about me and might not ever suspect.  I’m going to attempt not to get too deep, so forgive me if my responses are not more in depth. You are welcome to email me if you want to know more. 

Give me the names of people you love most and why?  Since Jesus is obvious, I’ll leave Him out of this one. My husband, Jaxon and Julia.

Tell me about something you really care about? The positive socialization of young African American boys and girls.
Do you dream?  Yes, but not very often.

How would you describe yourself?  Simply put, I love God, I try to look at the glass as half full and I’m striving to improve myself every day for the betterment of those around me (namely my husband and children).
Give me 3 places you would like to go on a vacation?  Lima, Peru (my mother’s country origin), outer space (not necessarily to vacation but just to hang out for a few hours), Saint Lucia.

When was the year you were the most happy and why?  Since the tie for first would be 2008 and 2009 when my children were born, I would have to say 2006, the year I got married. 

What was your greatest period of personal growth and development?  One of my greatest learning experiences is also one of my most humiliating.  During my early 20s I was in a verbally and physically abusive relationship.  I learned a lot about self love and self worth and how much I lacked both.  It took a while for me to open my eyes and realize I could not live life this way.  I still struggled with self love for a long time and it’s honestly a daily walk. 

What annoys you about people?
  When they are inconsiderate, closed-minded and/or boastful.  

What scares you the most and why?  Failing in my responsibilities as a wife and mother.  
What do you do in your free time?
  If hubby and kids are away I blog, catch up on TiVo and read.

Do you like chocolate?  on “certain days of the month”
Are you usually late, early or right on time?

Are you the kind of friend that you would want to have as a friend?  No, I definitely lose touch with my friends far too much.
Would you give a homeless person CPR if they were dying?  Of course and would hope they’d do the same for me.

Are you old fashioned?  In a sense.  I believe chivalry is NOT dead. I believe in the man taking out the garbage.  I believe in the man being the head of the household.  I believe in being a submissive wife…not to be confused with subservient.  I guess you can call me a “Cater to You” wife as Beyonce would call it.  

Whats your middle name?  Allison

How big is your bed?
Cal King

Do you like rainy days or snowy winter days more?  I’ve never been in the snow so let’s go with rainy days.
Name 3 things in nature you find most beautiful?  Children, starry nights, clouds
Which is your favorite part of the human face and why?
  Eyes, they reveal so much about a person. 
What makes you bored?  I believe boredom is an insult to my intelligence
Which is your favorite four legged creature and why? Cats, because they’re low maintenance.
Do you like spicy food and why?
No, I like to taste my food and that’s hard to do when your tongue is numb.
Do you like to shop?  When there’s a good sale, otherwise no.  And definitely not at the mall.

How often do you go online?
hourly…thanks iPhone
What was the last thing you ate?  Crab stuffed sole with potatoes and greens from Kincaids. 

Who was the last person you hugged?  My husband

How is the weather right now? Cool.

Are you wearing socks right now?  Nope 
Coffee or Tea?   Coke or Pepsi?  Coffee and Coke…mixed

Enough about me!  Tag, you’re it!  Leave me a comment with the answer to a couple of the questions above.  I’d love to get to know you better. 


5 thoughts on “So This is What 30 Feels Like?

  1. Answers to some of ur questions.

    *Give names of people u love the most?
    My parents and brother

    *3 places u would like to vacation?
    Palm Springs,Catalina Island,and Bahamas

    *Do u dream?

    *The year u were most happy?
    2006 when I finally got my degree

    *Do u like to shop?
    always with coupons and a good sale on

    *What do I do in my free time?
    suff the web,catch up on some of my fave episodes online,and read mags.

    * Do I like chocolate?
    yes,chocolate chip cookies my down fall

    *Are u old fashioned?

    *what’s your middle name?

    *How big is your bed?

    *Coffee or tea?
    coffee sometimes tea

    Marquita Kersh

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