Guest Blogger: Deva_Style

I was recently introduced to Deva_Style, a stylish diva from Jersey, via a friend of a friend of a friend on Twitter.  She commented that she enjoyed my blog and had been considered starting one of her own for a long time, but she had some hesitations.  Through the course of our tweets I realized that she was struggling with some of the same questions that most bloggers think about prior to starting their blogs, myself included.  Questions like, what am I going to talk about?  What if people think I’m lame?  How much time can I/should I really dedicate to this?  And worst of all, what if no one follows me?  I encouraged my new friend to just go for it; people will love her “random/funny/quirky” style.  I also encouraged her to write something up and if she was comfortable, I would post it to my blog and see what kind of response she got.  So, without further a do…introducing….Deva_Style

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. I AM wearing a satin tunic in the middle of Summer. And NO I’m not ashamed.

Since it is more of a darker hue made in Fall/Winter fabric, this forest green satin number would be considered a “no-no” by conventional rules…but rules were made to be BROKEN! ^_^

I paired this taboo top with chocolate leggings (an easy, go-to staple that should be in your closet. Yes YOU!) and a newly-acquired cork-colored linen blazer. Both add-ons were less than 50 dollars! (Yes I am one of THOSE girls that is loud and proud about finding frugal fashions. Don’t look at me like that.)
I couldn’t help but notice that you noticed my baby blue fingers and toes! I got plenty of compliments (and perplexed looks) today in my OPI “What’s your Cattitude?” color choice. Definitely not for the faint of heart. But then again, rules are made…
Okay girls, because I value your opinions and feedback SO SO greatly, I’d love to hear what you think.  Leave a comment with your constructive feedback and encouragement.  
On another note, I’m still battling the horrific temps out here in Alabama.  We’ll be heading back home on Sunday, which is when I’ll be back on my normal blogging schedule.  I can’t wait!

11 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Deva_Style

  1. I must be completely unstylish. I didn’t know it was taboo. I’m not a fan of the material when it’s warms up because it picks up sweat stains.

  2. I have such an amazing blogger community. You guys, Deva_Style is thrilled by the response she’s received. Thank you for welcoming her and giving her the extra push she needed. I know we’ll be seeing her publish her own blog soon! Thanks again!

  3. I absolutely love her jewelry! The great thing about this outfit is that by changing out a few pieces, it can go from day to evening. Change the blazer to a different color or remove it altogether, add some sexy high heels and maybe a nice belt and BAM! Nighttime glam! I say start the blog for yourself. If you blog, they will come 😉

  4. Yay Deva Style! Love your writing style and humor. I’m on my blackberry so I’m not sure how the pics look on a “real” computer but I think you needed more lighting. I couldn’t distinguish the colors of your clothes.

    I’ll definitely add you to my list of must read blogs (that I never comment on).

    Bon chance!

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