top: JCP . cami: hanes . jeans: sample sale . purse: vintage boutique . wristband: LV (taken off of a piece of luggage) . watch: Fossil . bangles: Indian store in my hood . sunnies: random find in San Fran . earrings: Claires . necklace: F21
I’m still trying to decide what to do with my mop during the week that I’ll be down South. My hair gets fro-matic when it gets anywhere near the slightest bit of humidity, so I’m hesitant to get it straightened, but at the same time it’s SO manageable when it is.  I don’t have to do a thing to it. If I wear it in a wet look, I’ll have to style it every morning and bring additional hair products with me, but it’ll be cooler and I won’t have to worry about the fro-factor.  Not that there’s anything wrong with a fro.  I mean there are some very fierce sistas that can rock a fro like nobody’s business.  However, I’m not one of them.  Plus The Hubs would put the smack down.  He’s not a fan.  What do you think?
The top I’m wearing was another jackpot item I got at JCP. It was $7.  I know!  CRAZY, right!  It makes me love the top even more. The clutch was another vintage boutique find.  I think it was only $4.  It’s real leather.  Such a gem!
I’m BIG on feedback.  I admit that I am super sensitive more so depending on the time of the month and get a little bummed by some of the more critical feedback, but deep down inside it makes me go harder!  It inspires me!  One might even say I thrive off of it.  It makes me push harder and do better in all areas of my life, not just this fashion stuff.  With that said, I’d love for you to leave me some honest feedback on what you would change if you could change one thing about my blog.  I’ll promise not to hold it against you. LOL

12 thoughts on “Jackpot

  1. Oh and I miss the biblical references. They are so motivating! I still go back to read some of em when I’ve had a rough day

  2. YOU’RE SOOO dope girly…I stumbled across your blog and was inspired. I’m a PK and often times here in NYC I can’t go to church like you guys do in LA, but every time I see your blog I’m motivated to express myself freely. Stay fly and blessed:)

  3. OMG I looooove that outfit! I would abso-freakin-lutely wear this. I now know what I’m gon wear tomorrow 😀

    I agree with the consistence of the font size. I’m a student in communication and multimedia and it is actually an easier read when there is one font size, too many changes distract the reader, who might just opt out of reading the article altogether. But I do get (and sometimes like) the change of font as it suggests a change of tone in the article, but keep it to a minimum. 😀

  4. One of the things I love about your blog is that I see things that I never in a million years would think were cute hanging on a rack. I would have walked right by that denim shirt, but it looks extra cute on you!

  5. Love the top! I also love the luggage strap as an accessory. Pheee-Nom!! I typically don’t read other peoples comments, I’m a little me focused (HA!) however, I understand justifying text to the left because it’s what some editors prefer, but the inconsistencies in the font size is what I love. It let’s me as a reader hear your tone. It tends to capture the humor or “the lighter side” of things. Oh.. The Hair? Go straight until it “fro-a-lizes”–then rock the curls and waves :))

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