Grandma’s Crothet Mid-Drif Top

Top: Target . purse: vintage boutique find . cami: old . belt: Levi . shoes: Joey . watch: Fossil . bangles: Indian store in my hood . jeans: old boyfriends . sunnies: randomly purchased in San Fran . earrings: POParrazzice
Thank goodness for a day off after a very tiring, yet successful, convention.  I usually fill my off days with a weeks worth of “to-dos” and today was no different.  First on the to-do list was to take a trip to one of my fave vintage boutiques.  I walked in with the cash I had in my purse and intentionally leaving my credit card behind.  My casual treasure hunt turned into a jackpot.  I found a ton of stuff for under $30.  I’m sure you’ll be seeing some of these items in an upcoming post. 
You might have noticed that in some of the pictures I am wearing small stud earrings and in others I am wearing big gigantic blinged-out bamboo earrings.  Half way through my photo shoot it’s so funny to call it a photoshoot because it’s SO not I remembered that I had tucked my big earrings into my purse pocket.  So, I busted them out and put them on.  What do you think?

Are you guys tired of my brown belt yet?  I LOVE it, but I’m really tired of seeing myself in it.  Yes, I own other belts and for your information it’s my husband’s belt, so there!  I never got around to that pedicure that was on my to-do list for today.  I guess I’ll need to take care of that tomorrow.

Oh! One last very important thing.  The winner of our raffle is… 



9 thoughts on “Grandma’s Crothet Mid-Drif Top

  1. Love the look! The poses are great and really capture the energy of the style. Kudos…. once again! (all I can say is … Please keep an eye on me when I’m near your shoe closet. ***eyebrows raised, with innocent grin LOL

  2. THE blue wall goes hard! You have a great eye for photograpy and scenery. I also love your bag and nail polish ;D

    I need to know where this vintage shop is because the boutique I go to in LA is over priced, I paid $20for one bag that I know should have been $5-10

    I love how you threw in the big bamboo bling!!! Super En Fuego

  3. ooooho I love that blue wall…and of course your outfit, but that goes without saying…I kinda wanna snatch that purse…watch your back!

    Eboni Ife’

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