Surprises Galore!

I was recently surprised again, but this time by the Hubs’ beautiful cousin Sheritha.  Sheritha lives in Chicago so when we all went there a few weeks ago, we got a chance to see her and some of our other Chicago family members.  I must have made an impression during the short time we had to talk.  I honestly don’t even remember talking about popcorn but I guess I casually mentioned my obsession fondness of Garrett’s Popcorn because shortly after we arrived back home, Sheritha send me a gallon of popcorn with a love note.  It was such a completely unexpected and generouse gesture.  I’m embarrassed to say I’m 3/4 of the way done with the tin and I’m NOT going to show you a picture of it nor am I going to show you my now perma-cheese fingers.  Guilt is setting in!

I get so excited about things like this.  It’s just so awesome to know that someone thought enough of me to do something nice.


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