Twenty Somethinger

Right about now it’s beginning to hit me that in less than a month I’ll be 30 years old.  Thirty years old.  THIRTY YEARS OLD!  I think my heart skipped a beat.  I don’t know why this is such a huge thing for me.  I’ve never been one to get hung up on age, or so I thought, but for some reason 30 is just HUGE!  I’ll no longer be a “TWENTY SOMETHINGER“.  I can no longer blame it on being “young and inexperienced”.  I’ll be expected to offer a sound and rational solution to the problems of the world and be caught up on current events.  People will no longer ask me what I want to be when I grow up, because I will be grown up.  But what if I said I don’t want to be a grown up?  I wouldn’t say I have Peter Pan Syndrome but there’s a part of me that’s definitely clinging onto 29 for dear life.  What’s up with that? There’s nothing in particular that I miss about my twenties, I guess it’s just the stigma of being 30 and having it all together that frightens me most.  For the record, if I see a gray hair anytime soon, I’m going to freak!  The countdown has begun folks.  
shirt: thrifted . purse: coach . jeans: thrifted . shoes: Carlos Santana. belt: Bakers . watch: Fossil . neckwear: DIY (coming soon) . Sunnies in San Francisco: randomly picked up
I guess the good news is that I’ve got a legitimate reason to plan a killer birthday bash.  Since I don’t do clubs, drink or boogie, dear heavens that sounded like something an old person would say, I was thinking that I would celebrate with a 30&30 dinner, simply put I’d invite 30 friends to get all gussied up and celebrate 30 with me.  If you’re reading my blog for the first time, you don’t know about my secret obsession with food.  If food had a Twitter I’d follow.  If food had a Facebook fan page I’d “like” it.  Okay, I’m getting carried away, anyways you get the jest.  So, as long as I can plop myself down somewhere and eat to my heart’s content I think I’ll be good.  On second thought, I really don’t want to plan this thing myself.  Maybe I should plan a surprise party.  Brilliant!  I wonder how well that would go over.  Oh, I don’t know what I want to do.  How’s that for a “sound and rational” solution?  What am I gonna do with myself?
How did you or do you plan to celebrate 30?

7 thoughts on “Twenty Somethinger

  1. you are gorgeous!!!! and don’t look a day over 24. i love that you are not afraid to wear colour!!! plus you wear it so effortlessly. keep up the fabness!!

  2. You don’t boogie anymore, ever!? Wow,that is interesting to hear. But as far as turning 30 I know exactly how you feel as I have already taken the unwanted plunge. But my rumblings were because there was so much that I thought I would have accomplished by now and I haven’t, you on the other hand Missy have accomplished a lot: Married, House, Kids, Spiritual fulfillment, a good you enjoy, a blog I could go on you lucky duck. But you are fabulous and well prepared for your 30’s. You are all that 30 should be. I on the other hand am still kind of living my life like I am 27. I still feel 27 I guess. Sometimes I like that and sometimes I don’t. Anyway, 30 is the new 29!!!

  3. Hmmm….30 huh? You’ll enjoy the Thirties just as you did your Twenties. But, even more so. You have my word on that!! I’m still eying those shoes girlie! Lock them up! :))

  4. I love this look! Aren’t those the Jessica Simpson shoes? (I’m excited because mine are coming by UPS today!) The whole look is hot, especially the bright pants! You got them at a thrift store (am I reading correctly?)

    As for remembering what I did when I turned 30? Wow! I will be 39 later this month, so that was a tough one! That was in 2001… I was very sick & my mom was moving to Atlanta the next day. We had a combo bday/going away dinner at Big Wok with all my close friends. I was sick, sad for my mom to leave, and 30! LOL!

  5. You are FAB!!!30 is all what you make it!! Im 30 will be 31 on 8/4 and will give any 21 yr old a run for her money LOL stay positive and beautiful!! You are blessed to see another amazing year of life! enjoy!! EVERYTHING GETS BETTER from this point on!! YAAAHH for the big 30!!

  6. Love your blog!! I understand the no longer being a twentysomthinger, this is my last year in my 20’s and i plan on holding on to 29 for dear life. Keep up the good job

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