Dinosaur Pancakes

shirt: ? . pants: ? . belt: vintage shop find . shoes: zigisoho clogs as worn here . purse: she & josh .
I always feel obligated to get up and eat a monster size breakfast when I have the day off.  Yesterday was one of those day.  The BIL and his GF took the Hubs and I yes I’m going to use as much text lingo as possible, can you tell I’m in a rush? to breakfast at The Griddle in West LA.  When we got there the wait was 30 minutes, but I wasn’t surprised since the line was all the way down the block.  I didn’t mind since I had been hearing about how fat the pancakes served here were, plus I was starving.  I was pleasantly surprised when the Hubs got his order of fatty fat pancakes and allowed me to share a bite.  Friends, these puppies were fat!  When I say fat, I mean these were true to size DINOSAUR PANCAKES.  We took the left overs home and will be eating pancakes for days.  Gotta run!


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