Quatro De Julio

jacket: ? . top: dress worn as top I Heart Ronson . shorts: my DIY as seen here . shoes: Old Navy . purse: Coach . watch: Fossil . bracelet: Brighton . glasses: random find in San Fran . bangle: Indian store in my town . belt: Levi (thanks Hubs) . necklace: F21
If you’re anything like me, your idea of getting dressed involves the repetitive motion of pulling an item off of the hangers, trying it on and throwing it on the floor.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to actually hang my clothes back up rather than tossing them on the floor.  It’s like an involuntary reaction.  I do it without thinking.  The Hubs doesn’t get it and honestly neither do I.  I don’t know if seeing my clothes strewn about the closet floor helps me decide better what to wear or if it’s just laziness.  What’s worse is I don’t end up hanging my clothes back up until days later when the pile has finally begun to overflow onto his part of the closet.  Why am I telling you my nasty secrets?  I guess because I’m hoping I’m not the only one who suffers from this and that someone might be able to offer up some insight.  Anyone else out there willing to confess?
Fourth of July was spent at Uncle #7’s house.  His house sits on a lot conveniently located minutes from a nearby college that has a yearly fireworks show.  We can actually see the fireworks from the comforts of the front yard.  There were tons of yummies and great conversation.  I was so surprised to know that many of the family members had been checking my blog out.  I tend to think my blog is just some site in space that people happen upon from time to time, coming and going to a degree I know it is but that no one’s really paying attention.  So, to hear that people had actually read what I had to say and were even trying some of my outfit ideas was a rewarding experience.  Thanks to those who keep tabs on my site regularly.  Feel free to become a Google Friend Connect follower.  I’d love to know who you are.  Regardless, I love you for peeking in on my ramblings. 
At the end of the night the grandparents volunteered to have the Jaxon and Julia spend the night with them.  Of course we took them up on their offer.  Getting a break from time to time is always nice.  I thank God for grandparents.  
DOH!  I just realized we didn’t take home any doggy bags!

8 thoughts on “Quatro De Julio

  1. @fab: Thanks Doll! This was kinda thrown together last minute funny enough. I had on something completely different, looked at the clock, did a quick change and presto chango there you have it. LOL

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