I’m Bringing 80’s Back!

jacket: Valentine Fashion . slingshots: Hanes . watch: Michael Kors . jeans: James Cured . belt: Levi (thanks Hubs) . shoes: ZigiSoho . earrings: F21 . purse: She & Josh


6 thoughts on “I’m Bringing 80’s Back!

  1. Okay, I have to say that I am officially in love with the jacket you have on. Beautimus! I am really sad to hear what happened to the lady, and I think sometimes women really tend to neglect themselves to try and take care of everyone else. I also love that you have turned me on to this and Maegan’s blogs, cuz I love them both! I need a CAbi rep stat!

  2. I’m in awe about what happened with that woman. Complete Awe! My heart goes out to the little one lost, as well as to her. Not to sound heartless, but I LOVE the jacket!! Just the perfect piece of “POP” for the outfit.

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