Win + Lakers = HAPPINESS!!

Because Kobe Bryant is an avid reader of FASHION du jour, I thought I’d include a little subliminal messaging in today’s post title. Go Lakers!
I’m a little bummed out 1) because my little guy has a fever and had to be picked up from school today and 2) because I’m playing nurse today and wont be able to post any outfit pics.  Legit reason not to post, right? 

So, instead, I thought I’d answer some of the questions I’ve received about my outfits:

Where’d you get those clogs? 
Heaven, otherwise known as DSW.  
My younger bro gave me a gift certificate for 
Mother’s Day and I made sure it didnt go to waste.  
They were under $50 and real wood. 
I’m sooo over faux wood shoes!
Where did you find the blouse?
This was a vintage boutique find.  Funny enough when I 
picked it up I didn’t love it but I had a couple of
ideas in mind.  When I got it on and started to play 
I fell in love.  It’s one of my favorite piece. 
I love the quality of vintage clothing.
Love the motojacket, was this a vintage find?
Nope, not a vintage find.  This is the Scooter Jacket
from the current season collection of CAbi.  It’s one of my
favorite items simply because of the beautiful color.
Is that blazer vintage?
Actually it is.  I found this treasure for less than $5.  Lucky me!
Where can I find those shorts?
These are a pair of old jeans that I found at a 
thrift store for $4. I cut them a little below the knee,
rolled them and added some Papermate White Out.  
Yes folks, White Out!
That’s one hot blazer.
This is also a thrifted item for less than $5.  According 
to the label this jacket belonged to an usher working
the Academy Awards who knows how long ago.

That top can’t be vintage.  It’s hot! 
Who, what, where?
None of these items are vintage.  It’s all CAbi.  The tuxedo jacket
and skirt are from a few seasons ago.  The top is from 
this current season and can be found on CAbi’s website. 
P.S. I dont selll or get paid to advertise CAbi clothes. 
I just love them and choose to share my love with 
you on my personal blog. 
What’s with the purple J in your blog title?
The first names of my hubby and children all
begin with J so I wanted the J to stand out 
to you as they stand out to me.
I think I’ll take one of my follower’s advice and include a little sum sum about my daily outfits.  Thanks for the feedback guys!

8 thoughts on “Win + Lakers = HAPPINESS!!

  1. really cool post! its nice to know a bit of the history/story behind an outfit!
    thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting 🙂

    **come enter for my Summer Love giveaway!**

  2. Hello my fellow laker girl! Thanks for checking out my blog. Yours is great btw too, love your outfit posts! Your right we definitely share the same taste in fashion (and sports)!


  3. Thank the LORD! sheesh! ummmm I’m totally stealing your white out trick.. actually I’m probably gonna blog about it… can i use your picture??? I’ll link back to your blog 🙂

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