4 Years and Counting

 All this week I was trying to figure out what to do for our fourth wedding anniversary.  The Hubs and I had initially said we wanted to go to Santa Barbara, but as usual, time slipped away from us and it got too late to make the plans. Since we’ve never been there, it wouldn’t be as simple as hoping in the car and taking a drive, and I’m not much of a spontaneous spirit when it comes to this kind of thing.  We later decided on a quick romp to Catalina, but procrastination got the best of me once again and that idea went out the window.  Before I knew it, it was Wednesday, one day before our anniversary, and I had piddled the week away planning Julia’s birthday party and my normal mommy routine.  I was anticipating a quiet night at home with the kiddos, eating pizza and watching the Laker game.  However, I was pleasantly surprised on Thursday when I got in the car headed for my lunch break and found the Hubs waiting to take me to lunch.  He even brought me a starbucks drink.  I told you about it in my last post.  When I got home from work, Hubs had told me to get dressed because he was taking me somewhere, which was surprising because when I say DIE HARD, I’m telling you this man is a DIE HARD Laker fan.  He’s always got something up his sleeve. When he got home he said the kiddos were with Uncle J and we were going out to dinner.  I was SO excited.  I LOVE food and LOVE to eat. It sounds so gluttonous I know, but it’s the truth. Turns out, he made reservations at Benihana.  This is a restaurant I had been to a while back, before Jon and I had began dating, and I just remember really enjoying the experience.  If you know my husband, you know he is not one for trying new things when it comes to his food, he blames it on his weak stomach!.  So, the fact that he was trying something new was even more amazing.  As I remembered it from before, the experience was great.  The food was awesome and my anniversary was a blast…and the Lakers won (Thanks Ron Artest).  I love you, Jonathan Young!


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