God is Here

The Lord] heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. —Psalm 147:3
Ann and her two daughters were about to be evicted from their home. Although Ann believed that God could help, so far He hadn’t given a clue as to how. She wondered, Where is God? As she drove to the courthouse, she prayed for God’s intervention. Then she heard a song on the radio proclaiming, “God is here! Let the brokenhearted rejoice.” Could this be the assurance from God that she was longing to hear?

Inside the courtroom, Ann stood before the judge, heard his decision, and signed the legal documents, but still God had not given her an answer.
As Ann was walking to her car, a truck pulled up beside her. “Ma’am,” said the driver, “I heard your testimony inside the courtroom, and I believe God wants me to help you.” And he did. Gary helped Ann get in contact with a woman from a local church who was able to work with the parties involved to reverse the process so that she and her girls could stay in their home.
When people ask, “Where is God?” the answer is, “Right here.” One way God is at work is through Christians like Gary who are continuing the work Jesus started—healing the brokenhearted and binding up their wounds (Ps. 147:3). — Julie Ackerman Link

When we love God, we will serve people.

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